What’s most Important to me.

FamilySo after spending a good day or two brain storming on what exactly it was that i was going to do for my first official blog post, I decided to write about what is most important to me. That’s when I saw the quote attached.
At a young age I just thought family meant the people you are blood related too, So your Mum, your Dad, your Brother, your Nan and so on. It wasn’t until recently I learnt that actually blood isn’t always thicker than water. I’ve got friends that are Family and Family that I wouldn’t even call friends.
Since becoming a mum I realized  just how much this all means to me. When you have this tiny human in front of you, you want nothing more than for them to be surrounded by love and kindness and you quickly become very protective of your family bubble and who deserves to be a part of that bubble and who is toxic to that bubble.
After splitting with Lincolns father this feeling intensified for me, i felt betrayed by my own little family and that’s when it clicked in my head that actually you make your own family no matter how small or big it maybe, blood or water, Family are those that are by your side.
Now Lincoln and I are lucky enough to be surrounded by people that love and care for us whether we are at the top of our game or down in the dumps. They are there to pick us up and put a smile where it belongs.

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