Child-free weekends

We are a very lucky couple sometimes, we have every other weekend to be just a couple. Not mummy or daddy, Just Leah and Tom, Your average young couple. (admittedly we spend the entire weekend wondering if the kids are okay and if they are have a nice time) But for those 48 child free hours it is quiet, its almost stress free. No looking for num nums (Lincolns bottle) or hearing Paw Patrol on in the background, No bedtime routine. Just the two of us, and Bailey of course.

After doing a quick morning at work, we had our Saturday afternoon planned, Sofa shopping, Go and try a new restaurant before heading back home to watch a film and laze around all evening.
Anyone that knows my Tom knows he doesn’t spend money, so when he talked about going to DFS to go sofa shopping I thought yeah okay we will go in to DFS have a sit on a couple of sofas and he will say, c’mon lets go and have a look online and see if we can find something cheaper. After spending atleast 35-40 minutes lounging on some beautiful sofa’s he calls over the sales assistant and we actually place an order for a beautiful 4 seater sofa and as a little treat he gets me a cuddle chair!! It was a good job I was sat down!
We were like 2 kids so excited over a sofa! Now to wait the for weeks for it to be delivered. But until then we can just look at the catalog picture and plan out our living room.

cuddle chair

A little sneak preview (although the colors are different) be ready to see new living room photos when they arrive.

So we also managed to go out for a beautiful meal and this place I cannot recommend enough.
The Worlds End– Bradford-on-tone (Just out side of Taunton)
The pub is beautiful and quirky, with a bookcase for the toilet doors and cosy candles dotted around on the tables this place was perfect for our late lunch.
The food was incredibly tasty and just the right portion size’s with small/larger options. We had the Lamb skewers for a starter which was cooked perfectly, came out nice and hot with a Beautiful flavoured yoghurt dip. For mains I had the chicken and bacon cobb salad and Tom had the Ham egg and chips with a side of Garlic flat bread. My salad was absolutely beautiful, I regularly have the salad when I go out anywhere for a meal and I find a lot of salads are very pretentious and don’t live up to the expectations but this salad definitely exceeded mine. Tom was very happy with his ham egg and chips and found the portion to be perfect for a “Growing lad.” We didn’t take the dog or the kids with us but both four legged friends and kiddies are welcome with a quiet little play area for the kids inside and out, however I think we are going to keep this place our little secret for perfect date nights.



One word that can bring fear in to many men’s eyes Shopping.

Unfortunately Ladies it wasn’t the shop til you drop kind of shopping, we were off to Ikea to get the last couple bits for the house. Since moving we’ve kind of realized all the little bits we needed just for the finishing touches and luckily we managed to get them all done for Chloe’s room and our bedroom. All thats left now is to get Lincolns bedroom transformed from the baby room that is in to his little toddler room ( more of this to come, expect lots of DIY posts) and the Garden but with the weather not being on our side lately were leaving that one for a month or two.

I even managed to squeeze a bit of baking in, for dinner I cooked the 3 of us ( Lincoln was home at this point) a Chicken and Mushroom Pie with Carrots and Cauliflower& Broccoli Cheese. The Recipe I got From Pinterest I’ve added the link below. To see more of my pinterest search up Leah Howard or Leahjade1994, It was delicious and Tom actually managed to pretty much finish the entire thing. How he stays so skinny I will never know! But this is definitely one to please the whole family. I did make a couple of changes to the recipe but my family are massive pie lovers so its definitely worth a go if you are too.


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