Chicken Parm Lasange

Chicken Parm Lasange

Okay so I am a serious Lasange lover, I cannot get enough of the stuff! Well its mostly pasta in general! I would probably give up pretty much every food to live off of Lasange! I might as well be Garfield.
Now saying that I’m also a very traditional person in the sense of “if it ain’t, broke don’t fix it.” Usually when deciding whether to put Lasange on the list for this weeks meals its a no brainer! Chloe is also a massive fan of lasange and being a girl, we like to take charge of the kitchen decisions! Then I came across this video on facebook for Chicken Parm Lasange, It looks delicious so I thought i would give it a try!

Okay so my initial thoughts on the recipe! Not only has it got chicken instead of mince.. The chicken is fried too?! I’m a chicken lover! always have been, give me a chicken nugget and some ketchup and i’ll be a happy girl. But in lasange? ok, we will give it a go.
After a quick dash to Tescos I had the last bits I needed to give this ago.

Normally I’m always coming away from the recipe and just doing my own thing loosely following the instructions but with this one as its something I have never done before I thought i’d better stick to it (apart from using cheddar instead of parmesan).

Tom was working late tonight so once the little man was tucked up in bed I had a bit of time to fill, admittedly I had already prepped the chicken so it was a case of mash it all together, whack it in the oven and Voilá. HA if only it was that easy! So after the labour that was frying the the chicken (it did taste good before being put in the lasange) I had to go about using Ricotta, I have never used or eaten ricotta so I’m not 100% sure what it was meant to taste or look like but it seemed about right. I worked out the layering pretty easy, I will admit its a bit backwards to how I usually layer lasange so that threw me off but it looked pretty good even if i do say so myself!
I baked it in the oven at 170` for 45 minutes covered in foil and then 10 minutes uncovered. It looked amazing! it almost looked like real lasange! At this point tom was home and hungry so we dug in.

As much as I really really wanted to love it, I just didn’t. Tom wasn’t overly impressed either, now tom isn’t much of a talker so getting much out of him wasn’t easy but his thoughts were, It was plain. Don’t get me wrong it was nice, like really nice, but there were a few things I would of done differently and I may still do at some point.
I’d change up the ricotta mix for Bechamel white sauce- Proper Lasange sauce.
and next time possibly flatten the chicken more.
All in all it is an excellent recipe and I’m sure most families would love! We however aren’t one of those families.





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