West of England Game Fair

Being with a Farmer means doing country things.

After a couple weeks of waiting one of Tom’s favorite events has come. The annual Game Fair at the Bath and West Showground. This is my first year. I suppose you could call me a Game fair virgin, and this year I am loosing my virginity.
After listening to Tom rant and rave about how he goes every year and it’s a tradition bla bla bla, I agreed to go. Don’t get me wrong I’m totally game for days out- see what I done there- But I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like. I wasn’t keen on the idea of standing around in a field with lots of middle aged men talking about who’s gun makes a bigger hole. But he reassured me that there would be lots that interested me i.e Cooking hall, Puppy shows and shopping! So I roped mother in and thought we could make a good day out of it.

Lucky for us the bath and west show ground is less than hour away so we didn’t really have far to travel, which is always a plus. On arriving it didn’t seem too busy, having parked in the quiet end!
Once we had paid the entrance fee of £14 we headed off to see what the show had to offer.

There were so many stalls with all different items, from handcrafted sculptures to dogs beds, guns, bird decoys, surprisingly plenty of beauty products and food.. so much food!
After speaking to some of the lovely people running the stalls you get a sense of togetherness, they are all there for the same thing, rather than to compete with one another.

I had so many favourite stalls and they were laid out so beautifully, I just couldn’t help but stop at so many of them! I had a few favourites I must admit. Some for what they were selling and some just because they looked so cute and country.

Lincoln was a massive fan of the homemade sausage rolls they had on sale alongside all different flavoured pies, meats, fudge, brownies, cupcakes, there was so much food. I couldn’t help but buy a few cupcakes. These were by a company called Crumpet based in Bedminster, All of the cakes looked lip smackingly good and tasted incredible!

I also got to try for the first time Gin, I’m not much of a drinker and I think a lot of that has been down to the fact I have never really found anything I like to drink apart from little panda pop like drinks- Smirnoff ice and WKD- But even that I’m not keen on. But the Gin I tried and eventually bought a bottle of was absolutely Beautiful! I cannot recommend trying this drink enough! The company is called Rose cottage drinks, The gent I spoke to on the stall was brilliant and so helpful recommending what to accompany the drinks and what foods go well. They are on Facebook Twitter and Instagram @rcottagedrinks. The flavours they had were plum and pear, Rhubarb and Rose Haw, and elderflower. My absolute favourite was the elderflower, It has such a summery taste to it and was so light and didn’t leave that burning nasty bleach after taste.
Give them a try the bottles look Beautiful and they taste great and are reasonably priced.

As I said earlier I was dragging My mother along as company, Now herself and my step father absolutely love the Amaretto/Disaronno kind of drinks so as we were walking around I spotted the Fenlands Stall offering tasters of there Toffee Vodka. So Mother was straight over giving that a try and ended up coming away with two bottles! Admittedly one will be a gift but still, I tried it and if I’m honest its as sickly as it sounds! Just not to my tasting!

Once we had finished at the food hall we were off up to the BAS C part which is all to do with the shooting and working dogs side of things. We watched a couple of the dog scurries they had running, I cannot believe how incredibly well trained and hard worked some of these dogs were! We can only hope that Bailey turns out half as good as some of the contestants we saw today!

One of the things I must comment on is how amazingly accommodated the show was for dogs. I totally understand that it is a dog event and they are meant to be there but it was so nice to see so many dog owners walking around with there pets. One thing I find is if you go to a busy place with your dog or even just walking through a town, you often get frowned at unless your walking a really cute puppy -which luckily for us we are at the moment, the amount of attention Bailey attracted today was unbelievable- but he will soon grow and become just another Labrador to everybody else. But at the show it was lovely to see so many happy healthy and lovely looking dogs there were walking around.

I also managed to slip in a bit of shopping and bought myself a Mark Todd coat, Perfect for walking the dog and in the winter! I’m a real bargain hunter so finding the coat I have wanted for years in the end of season lines (although these sort of coats never go out of fashion) was a great achievement for me. Tom was also over the moon that he has managed to get Lincoln his very own Camo suit, Boys.

We had such a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. I would definitely recommend it there were so many activities to do there that would be great for the family, this included ferret racing, axe throwing, Archery and more. Even if your not massive hunting fans. Its worth going to have a look! I’m definitely looking forward to the next Game Fair at Hatield House in July!


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