Happy Mothers Day

Even though this is technically my second mothers day I saw today  as my first, I spent my first Mothers Day in hospital. Instead of a cup of tea in bed or a “day off” with cards and flowers, I got CT scans a grumpy baby and hospital rooms. Luckily my little Lou bear was fine it was enough to temporarily put me off of mothers day. So this was my first real mothers day.
It was also my Mothers birthday so it was an extra special day, We decided to make a real fuss of our ever supportive mothers.

So we had a tea party.

I actually started preparing for our tea party on the Friday, I have never thrown nor been to an adult tea party. Now when I was 3-4 I was the hostess with the mostess everyone wanted to come to my tea party, although I referred to them to cups and teas rather than tea parties, I loved to play pretend, except this wasn’t pretend. It was also the first time I have ever cooked/prepared food for Tom’s Parents. I was bricking it to say the least. To kick it all off I made my first Cheese and bacon Quiche and it was incredible Even if I do say so myself (Recipe will follow shortly) Oreo truffles, Pavlova and a Birthday cake. I was also lucky enough to have Lincolns help when it came to making the birthday cake.

Lincoln cake mix

So the birthday cake went well, until I moved It from one plate to another and it broke and slid, it was literally a disaster! but I kind of salvaged it, It couldn’t have been that bad everybody had a slice and Tom and George finished the entire cake! Lincoln of course got the messiest but he loved every second of it.

I have a habit of doing things I’ve never done before at the worst of times, my attempt at meringue being one of them! I decided at 9pm Saturday night I was going to make Mothers favorite pudding- Pavlova. I had never made meringue, I didn’t have an electric whisk and I didn’t realize how hard it is to do by hand! It was an absolute disaster! I ended up having to bin that attempt run to my dads and grab the electric whisk and try again. Luckily the second attempt came out perfect and looked Great. Everyone loved it, not only that my Nan has put in an order for more pink meringues.

Photo 26-03-2017, 13 35 20
Pink Pavlova

So on the Sunday I was lucky enough to have a Lie in (after my disastrous late night baking) Lincoln was at his dads for the weekend. I was allowed to collect him early being Mothers Day so at 10.30 i was hopping up and down ready to see my baby! When I finally got him with a big kiss and a cuddle as soon as he saw me, we got home and I was surprised with some Beautiful tulips, A lovely photo frame with Lincolns photo in and some of my favorite chocolates.
This was all pulled together by Tom, my Mum and Step Mum (admittedly not together- my parents don’t speak) Being a single mum for a year you don’t ever expect to receive any gifts from a young child, they can’t pop to the shops and grab a bunch of flowers and I am so lucky to now have Tom and both sets of my parents that always go out of their way to make sure I am treated by Lincoln, and he looked so happy to be giving Mummy something special. I really cannot be any luckier.


Finally everyone arrived at ours for 1pm and our little tea party commenced. The weather was so Beautiful we spent the majority of it out in the garden soaking up the sun. The food went down really well! Tom was gutted when he saw how much everyone had eaten as it meant he didn’t get any for his lunches next week. His parents were so impressed with my baking too! Panic over!
We all exchanged the Mothers Day cards and Gifts as well as Mum’s Birthday presents and cards and decided to take the puppy for a walk up Ham hill one of our local country parks and infamous dog walking spots.

We had such a lovely walk, we were so fortunate with the weather it was absolutely beautiful! We really couldn’t have got a better day! For those who have never been, Ham hill is a beautiful country park filled with different recreational activities- Walking, horse riding mountain biking and more. We regularly take the dog for walks up here and find new paths we have never been along. One of the most popular walks is to the monument-The war memorial that was placed as a tribute to those who died from the nearby village of Stoke sub hamdon in the world wars.

Finally we finished the afternoon off with a drink at the Prince of Wales pub based on Ham hill. For a busy Mothers Day we were lucky to get a seat in the setting sun to finish of our lovely day together with a pint of Cider and black for myself. We always have such great fun as a family and days like these are ones you carry with you forever.
Once everyone had gone home and the little terror had gone up to bed I got to snuggle up with some of my chocolate from earlier and watch our new series The Peaky Blinders with Tom.

A perfect sort of first Mothers Day.




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