Beauty and The Beast Review

eu_batb_flex-hero_header_r_430eac8d.jpegHow often are re-makes really any good?
I am a massive Disney fan, I have been since I could watch films. My life long dream is to go to Disney land Florida so when I heard that Disney were going to be making real to life films based on the originals I was over the moon!
Now the first real remake was Cinderella, Honestly I was disappointed and this let me down so much I really was devastated. It was nothing like I expected.
Cue the trailer of Beauty and the Beast, As a Potter fan I have always loved Emma Watson so this kind of raised my hopes slightly but I was cautious of being let down again.

How wrong was I, we watched the Beauty and the beast in the Vue Bristol in the VIP seating so this just added to our experience! I took along one of my cousins and closest Friend Tori, who again is a Disney movie lover.

We were not let down by this movie, The storyline itself does come away slightly from the original but I think this makes the movie more real to life (although a talking candlestick and clock is far from real to life) and makes it seem like your not watching an exact remake, keeping the audience interested in what happens next. The acting was incredible, and all of the thought and little details went so far. giphy
My favourite part by far had to be the dancing scene. It was one of those typical chick flick “Just kiss her already” moments. And for the Beast to let her go and seem so heart broken just tore us apart.
I love any film that has Emma Thompson ( Mrs Potts) and Stanley Tucci (Cadenza) They really bring an air of comedy and lightness to any film.
I feel Emma (Watson) also done an amazing job as Belle and really brought such a beautiful character justice. The way they handled the talking objects was so well done. Chip the cup has to be my favourite! alongside Lumier.
Dan Stevens was also a great beast! Even if I’m not a massive fan of his I still really enjoyed his performance and found him very comical at times.

My only improvement on the film could have been including the Ariana Grande and John Legend- Tale as old as time Song. This really is such a beautifully sung song and I was devastated when it wasn’t played!
I ended up playing it in the car on the way home.

All in all this is great film and perfect for all ages.

LeahJade xoxo

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