The Little Sisters 18th Birthday

The Birthday Girl and her cocktail.


As far as 18th Birthdays go I always imagine, alcohol, parties, drinking games and anything that involves alcohol, pubs and bars.
My sister isn’t like that, she’s a very reserved quiet person and the last person I would imagine to be out clubbing, and low and behold she did not surprise me. (although the cocktails she consumed whilst at the restaurant did!)

I don’t know if any of you have been to Air hop before but as a quick run down its basically a giant warehouse filled with different trampolining activities. For example they have dodgeball, a foam pit and slam dunk area and more.
We found the booking process really easy and did this before hand to avoid disappointment on the day. When booking you are asked to fill out a waiver to say that should you break your leg or neck, your not going to sue the company. You are asked to arrive 30 minutes ahead of your time slot to allow for sock changing (air hop socks are provided) and to go through the safety rules and guidance’s.

We went to the Bristol air hop and to my surprise it is an extremely clean and tidy place. Its based on the Cribbs Causeway Retail park so is extremely easy to get to from the Motorway.
The facilities are modern and well looked after with a spectators seating area upstairs looking down over the bouncers. We went as a large group, My dad and Lincoln weren’t bouncing but were able to walk around downstairs and watch us, this kept Lincoln very amused whilst we all tired ourselves out.
They have got several vending machines providing food energy bars and drinks. There were many people there in gym wear that were doing workouts, from the leaflets outside they also do exercise classes on the big trampolines.
There was a café upstairs with the viewing area but we didn’t use any of this as we brought our own drinks and snacks.
It is great fun for anyone 5 and over. I would definitely recommend this especially as a summer holiday activity to wear the kids out. Its reasonably priced and you get a whole hour of fun.

17554526_1596349887059223_7455619144210873858_nAfter this we made our way in to Bristol City centre and parked on a street by the city centre and walked through the park towards Za Za Bazaar. It was a beautiful day so the park was filled with Uni students getting the city sun and the majority of them had a book in there hand.
We walked along the harbour and seen some lovely looking restaurants offering all sorts of things from Burgers and Cider to Coffee and Cake. When arriving to ZaZa’s it was absolutely packed. We had a table booked for 6pm on a Saturday afternoon so it was expected.
Za Za Bazaar is one of two buffet style restaurants that provide all different types of food, ranging from Indian, Chinese American and British and also having a full dessert ‘island.’
We were seated straight away and a high chair was already provided for Lincoln. Unfortunately we were a large table placed right next to the drinks station and one of the food islands so we were occasionally ambushed by hungry people but, it was good placement for getting to the food. 17626194_1596349990392546_1801345317297814278_n
The food was all freshly cooked and you could always request different dishes be made for you. I love the idea of buffets because I go out of my way to try something I wouldn’t normally buy if I was to be having that type of meal.
Out of all of the things there we could only find one downside and that was how dry the salad was. Unfortunately this happens a lot with buffets and the salad was hardly touched as everyone was interested in all the other food but other than that the food was delicious, hot and fresh (with the exception of the salad).

All in all we had a great day and the kids were absolutely exhausted and slept so well we even got and extra half an hour in bed on Sunday.
Ellie had an amazing time and enjoyed turning 18.. even if you do only get to do it once she said she would happily do it again.

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