Little Terror’s Parents Evening

Photo 20-11-2016, 16 27 54One of the things I wanted to write about was my little terror and how he grows and develops, and how things are being a first time mum. Admittedly he’s not far off 2 now but still every day is a learning day. Its not just for the advice hopefully other parents can take with them but so I can look back and think, Gosh that was easy… yeah right!

So today was the little terrors parents evening at nursery. I know I hear you, Parents evening! for a 1 and a half year old! Really?
Of course as a first time mum when I thought about parents evening I was so excited to see how my baby was developing and socialising at his little school with his friends that he absolutely loves going to!
I get in there and I’m the only lone parent there (Great, mums are staring) which is surprising to me, but as I stand there looking at all the mums and dad squashed up on the tiny human chairs that more than likely numerous under 2s have covered in some form of bodily fluids it hits me. I have a sudden realisation of what the parents evenings were like when I was the child. The scolding on talking to much and misbehaving, and the teacher then looking at my parents sternly and telling them off for my lack of a signed planner. I suddenly become nervous, nervous of the stern look I may get over the fact Lincoln came to nursery the other day with half a chocolate brioche stuffed down his trousers (his new found trick) or the fact I occasionally cant be bothered with the 8am fight of trying to get Lincoln to wear his trainers and keep them on in the car so just stuff them in his bag.
Every time I collect Lincoln after his day at nursery there always seem to have been some form of story to come home with him, Whether its him encouraging other children to jump off of steps or feeding sand to his little girlfriend, you never know what this kid is going to get up to next. So as you can imagine I am dreading tonight and what could possibly be said.
Next thing I know I’m sat in front of Lincolns keyworker listening to her tell me how he is developing and on target for everything. He’s even excelling when it comes to manual handling- a nice way of saying, He climbs every piece of fucking furniture in this joint.

We go through all the paperwork she has in front of her about his last year in nursery and just as I’m about to leave she looks up and says there is one thing we have noticed with Lincoln. He’s very fond of Cars and Tractors, she must have saw my eyes roll to the back of my head, hit my brain and ping back. She continues to say his love of Cars and trucks is so great to see in a young boy.
This may all sound cute to you, the little Somerset terror being in love with tractors just like Tom but the car journeys I have experienced with a tractor in front of us creating the happiest toddler I have ever seen for him to then pull over to let traffic through, As he does this, the devil enters my child and its like fire is sprayed in the form of screams because we are no longer going 20mph following a man bouncing around in the cab of his John Deere tractor- God help me, Tom I’m sorry I meant New Holland Tractor.
She smiles and waves over the next set of parents who look just as nervous as I did.

So Ladies and Gentleman even as pointless as a one year olds Parents Evening may seem. You never get that time back. As stupidly nervous I was for something that merely an update, It’s always amazing to see how my baby boy is growing and developing, no matter how much of a terror he is.

LeahJade xoxo


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