Montacute House Easter egg trail 

Happy Easter weekend 🐰🐰

Good Friday we experienced our first ever national trust day out. We have lived in Somerset and within 20 miles of Montacute House our entire lives and have only just visited.

I’ve thought for a while about getting a membership for the national trust as I always find the houses and gardens look so interesting and pretty but never really gone through with it so today was my trial run.

Lincoln, Nana Nicky, Grandad and I ventured off to Montacute house to set off on or Easter egg trail, upon arrival we realised just how busy it was by the fact we were turned away from the car park! But this didn’t stop us! We got our Easter egg trail paper and pencil and went off to find the signs. Lincoln was a typical child and miserable the entire way round, refusing to be put down, not interested in the day we had planned for him what so ever, but we persevered and he eventually (even if it was only because he got chocolate) went back to his cheeky self.

Whilst at montacute we saw just how beautiful the gardens were even with at least 100 children running around and cutting you up, every way you turned, it was still a beautiful setting, it was such a pride and prejudice style garden, I half expected Mr Darcy to come waltzing out of the house like he owned the place.

Our experience of National trust and Montacute house has definitely convinced me in to getting a membership and visiting some of the other places near and far.

The Easter egg trail was great fun and we really enjoyed it, we also went in to the little cafe they had on site, this was based in a little courtyard and was beautifully laid out even if it was absolutely heaving, the cakes on display look great and were freshly prepared, the only thing letting it down was the state of the are behind the till, this put me off of eating there so many r just bought a couple cans of fizzy and sat out on the lawn of the house.

 LeahJade xoxo

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