Bank Holiday Monday 

I constantly say how lucky I am to have the little family that I do, however I tend to rattle through day to day life, frustrated by the amount of times I have to tell the puppy to get off the sofa, or tell Lincoln to stop playing with his little boy bits before they drop off, or reminding Tom that dirty clothes belong in the washing basket rather than next to it. It’s not until the weekend or when you have a bit of time off from the daily grind to remind yourself how lucky you are. 

Today we spent the day exploring and visiting new places. After what we would call a lie in- 7am- we all got up, washed, dressed and fed and took the puppy on a walk. Back when I lived in ilminster I use to walk along the old railroad and have been meaning to take Tom along their so he could see the old railway from the world war 2. 

Donyatt Halt Was one of the many railways that were used to evacuate London in the Second World War, my Nan was evacuated to Donyatt train station where she continued to live and eventually meet my grandad. Rather than walking the entire footpath to chard and back we decided to turn off and walk through sea back to ilminster. This totalled up to 3.5 miles, and left the dog utterly exhausted! 

Once back to the car we headed home to drop the doggy off for a rest and we decided to go out on the hunt of something to do with the afternoon. Our love of Farm shops always keeps us busy at the weekends and today was no exception we visited a Farm shop called Greendale Farm this was probably one of the biggest Farm shops we have been too so far and was a mini local produce supermarket, although slightly high in price, this is the sort of farm shop I would love to have locally, it had everything you could possibly need and more! The cafe also looked delicious with a selection of homemade sweet and savoury treats. 

Outside it also had a small holding of animals for people to pet including an ostrich! Although I probably wouldn’t advise petting it! And of course we had to have a sit in the old tractors they had there. 

After a long country drive we decided to come on home and spend the rest of the afternoon snuggled up watching Disney films, th perfect way to end our Bank holiday. 


LeahJade xoxo

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