Frogmary Green Farm Easter trail 

Our village isn’t very big but just on the outskirts there is a huge farm, Frogmary Green Farm it’s very similar to river cottage, it holds cooking courses, school trips and the occasional fayre. On Saturday of the Easter weekend they held an Easter egg trail and fayre. We decided to walk down with a friend and his two young girls and see what they had to offer.

It was quite busy for a little village fayre but there was things for most ages there, I wouldn’t say it was very pushchair or wheelchair friendly due to it being on a hill, and unfortunately for us Lincoln fell asleep just as we got to the farm so we struggled pushing the pushchair around the fayre until Lincoln woke and then we went off to do the Easter egg trail.

This was again very similar to Montacute house, except instead of having to copy the drawings of eggs, you had to answer the questions on the sheet with the facts hidden around the fayre, this was great fun and the kids really enjoyed it, even if Tom, Shane and I ended up doing all the writing and question answering the kids loved finding the eggs and walking around. Th y loved the cute little gift bags at the end even more!

At the fayre they had a small marquee tent with different local traders, from cider and ale makers to photographers and florists, there was also a tent with face paintings and animals to see along with a cafe set up at the top, it was a very basic fayre but the staff were friendly and the weather was lovely.

Lincoln’s favourite part of the fayre was the static tractor show they had where he could climb and play on tractors- his favourite thing ever!

All in all it was a lovely day and we all went out for a meal after. We are so lucky to live in a lovely small village like south petherton and these fayre’s really add to the fun.

LeahJade xoxo

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