My rant on food prices 

From one of my previous posts I talked about my fitness journey and my aim to complete my first ever 5k run for cancer research, this obviously goes hand in hand with eating healthy and picking sensible options when it comes to eating. 

I am a salad lover I have been for years and luckily Tom is too, but past boyfriends have been salad haters and I’ve always fallen in to the comfortable relationship, comfort eating, comfy trousers six months to a year later I’ve gained 2 stone and look like a baby hippo… that may be an exaggeration but still I feel like one and I don’t actually ever realise any of this until I’m single and have miraculously dropped two stone. Anyway back to what I was saying I lovvveeee salads and we eat them pretty much daily if I don’t have one for lunch we normally end up having salad for dinner. My fall point, sweets, chocolate, biscuits and my biggest love of all pastry!! I am a hideous secret eater, I start with one biscuit then a handful of sweets the next thing I know I’m baking up a batch of cinnamon swirls covered in icing- my mouth is actually watering right now! 

So I went to the co-op today something most normal humans do, just pop to the shops we needed rolls for dinner tonight and I hadn’t had lunch so I figured I would grab something in there as I was going in anyway. Now we are a nation that are consistently shamed for our turkey twizlers (Jamie I Love you but did you really need to take them) fizzy drinks takeaways and our microwave meals, we’ve got to be getting close to America when it comes to eating nothing but utter shit day in day out. And I see in the news and on social media etc how we need to crack down on things by adding the sugar tax and getting things taken off the shelves because they are so terrible yet I walk in to my local shop and the first thing I see is a packet of Chocolate Hobnobs for £1- straight in to the basket as a little treat, I mean it’s a quid, what’s a couple biscuits gunna do? Everyone deserves a treat, And then I stand back and start looking for something for lunch.

I don’t mind spending money, I’m not a tight arse like Tom who’s probably still pissed about the £1 he spent on a scratch card two years ago and didn’t win anything, but as I walk down to the snacks on the go/fruit and salad area I look for my healthier option and that’s when I realise that for a fruit salad is £3 for a small box of fruit, compared to the entire pack of biscuits I had picked up earlier for £1… how is that right? We are continuously encouraged to make healthier food choices yet we get ripped off whilst we do it. Don’t get me wrong I know fruit isn’t cheap but surely we should be making the crappy food we eat more expensive? How can people argue the fact that kids get bought a packet of crisps or chocolate bar when out and about for around a £1 then you look at just a healthy snack bar for the same price of both the crisps and chocolate? What the fuck? 

Money is a huge thing, you can’t live without it nowadays and the aim of the game is to save as much of it as you can. Some people aren’t as lucky as others and when they see a pack of £1 biscuits that they could give there kids as a snack why would they go for the expensive organic fruit bars that are £1.59? It just doesn’t seem fair. 

It’s only recently that I have actually noticed this, a lot of it has been down to the fact that weve had to change Lincoln’s diet and steer away from anything with sugar or sweetners artificial colours etc blah blah blah so he can’t have things like a packet of wotsits or a cake covered in icing so I’ve been finding alternatives organic options and they are so much more expensive than the regular food and are so rarely on deal and it just doesn’t seem fair to penalise parents and everybody else for the sake of wanting to eat healthy! 

At what point is this going to change? When we have a nation of heavily overweight junk food eating hippos? Or when the poor can’t even manage to buy a bag of frozen mixed veg because it’s so much cheaper to buy a packet of biscuits? 

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