A long long week

This week has been so long. It has been busy and hectic and long and it is still going but it has been good. Our week starts as normal Monday and Tuesday- nursery runs, work all day then it’s tea time, story before bed, a couple episodes of Peaky blinders then we go to bed. 

Wednesday started off as a quiet day with lunch with friends dropped in the middle of it, so I decided to walk the 3 miles from our house to the cafe with the little terror in the pushchair, this luckily gave him the nap he desperately needed and me a kick up the exercise butt! So after stopping for a lunch which was delicious and a well deserved catch up with Auntie Shazza and Joanna, we walked back home, this time Linky enjoyed the scenery and consistently told me about all the moos… that just so happened to be baas.. but who am I to judge, for all I know Lincoln could be some form of Dr dolittle and understand that the sheep are having personality issues and would rather be referred too as a moo.

Then Thursday hit, we had the health visitor first thing in the morning for a very very late one year review! I then had a funeral to attend. Followed by having my hair done so I managed to sneak a bit of relaxation and a gossip in with my hair dresser. Which I personally think is good for the soul. This was shortly followed by an early birthday tea at my papas house for my brothers 21st, we always love family dinner it’s such a nice time to catch up and for everyone to see Lincoln. We all have such busy lives it can quickly slip by and without these dinners it can be a month or so before we see one another again. Apart from at work. 

Friday was George’s 21st birthday and as promised I took him to Bristol shopping, when we were younger you couldn’t leave us alone in a room together without one of us coming out in tears, usually covered in bite marks with one of us having being punched hard in the arm resulting in tattling on the other. It was a vicious circle of hatred, it wasn’t until we were at least 16 that we could actually tolerate each other’s existence and now he is my best friend! Although I do sometimes want to thump him… hard… in the throat. But that’s normal. After some retail therapy I treated him to his first ever Krispy Kreme! How someone can go 21 years without experience a Krispy Kreme donut I do not know. 

For his birthday we went out for a meal with Mothers side of the family to The Unicorn Hotel in Somerton! It was absolutely brilliant! Unfortunately Tom was tractoring all night so Lincoln stepped up to be his mothers date for the night, we both pigged out and had a lovely time! The food was absolutely outstanding! Not a single fault could be found! George also got the best looking birthday cake I have ever seen! After a long evening out we even brought Tom home a McDonald’s so he didn’t feel left out. 

Saturday after a morning at work we were off to Trago Mills, any one who has been before will know just how much of a good day you can have there. We’ve been several times before with Mum and Dave but this was Tom, George and Megs first time! With mum living so far away it always feels like we miss out on being able to just pop round for a coffee and a chat or sending our washing over because I’m told that’s what mums are for! However if I ever find out Lincoln has said that about me he will certainly know about it! But getting to spend fun days like this together always makes up for the distance between us all! We had such a good time and I think it managed to exhaust us all! 

Sunday and Monday were just big blurs of getting stuff done that needed doing, housework, dog walking, food shopping, with a quick trip to Jungle jungle in between, now I intend to spend the rest of my evening snuggled up in the cuddle chair watching greys anatomy with a cheeky bag of treats, whilst Tom goes out stalking a deer, Lincoln has an early night and Baileys tired out from his walk. 

How busy can your weeks get? How did you spend your bank holiday weekend? 

LeahJade xoxo

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