Another rough night

The terror has never been a great sleeper and after 14 months of broken sleep I became accustom to it, It wasn’t until a little after his first birthday that we would get a full nights sleep 8-6.30 if I was lucky, I put a lot of the waking down to the fact he had a dummy and with him being the master Houdini it would disappear in the night, so I would have to have a stash waiting for him to wake, just after he turned one we took his dummy and after  a few rough nights he started settling better and wouldn’t wake as much it cut down to just once a night, then not at all and things were gravy! 

Then he started waking in the night again once we moved and typically I made a rod for my own back when he would wake at 4-5am thinking that it was playtime so I would bring him in to our bed and hope for another hour or two before having to get up with him to start the day. And this worked fine until it started getting earlier that he would come in with us, still going to bed fine but waking at 2-3 and then 12-1 and now we don’t go a night without him coming in with us. This would be fine if he laid still when he slept or wanted to cuddle. Not Lincoln, he likes to kick and punch, next thing I know it’s half 3 in the morning I’ve got a foot in my spleen and Toms snoring like a tractor. 

But Last night after him waking at 11pm then finally going back down until 2am coming in to our room and then waking again at half 5, after several attempts at getting him back to sleep we put him back in his own room. Now Lincoln has tantrums I think most kids do but I have never seen him have a tantrum like this! In the end I put him in to bed with his night light on and let him strop it out. I tried the cry it out method before but this wasn’t tears of loneliness this was anger and frustration over not getting his own way so it looks like we’re going to have persevere and stop giving in to him and hopefully we might crack the sleepless nights!! 

A couple weeks ago just when this all began I read somewhere that babies in an orphanage in another country learn at a young age not to cry because they know their tears won’t be answered, this absolutely broke my heart and since then I have struggled to leave Lincoln to cry, the idea of him thinking no one will come to him kills me and I think this is where my weakness for giving in to him really started! 

Tonight will be our first night of putting him straight back in to his own bed, we’ve bought him a gro clock and Tom has promised to kick my ass if I let him in to bed with us again so Fingers and Toes crossed we won’t have too many more tantrums before he realises that he sleeps in his bed in his room. 

Have your babies gone through this at all? What worked best for you? 

We will keep you updated on our new sleep regime 

LeahJade xoxo 

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