My child is a biter. 

When pregnant with Lincoln I never thought about biting being one of the issues I had with raising a boy. I thought about him eating mud (which he does) climbing everything (he does that too) and throwing tantrums (yep you guessed it, he’s a pro) but not once did it cross my mind that he would bite. 

He use to bite when he was smaller but I stupidly let him naw on my finger when he was teething, and this was just the beginning. I can remember the first time he ever bit me hard enough to hurt. We were at a mother and baby group at the swimming pool, and we were just bobbing along with one of those noodle looking things that he kept chewing on, I repeatedly told him not to and took it out of his mouth. He must of been about 8-9 months old, we stopped to listen to what the instructor wanted us to do and as we stood there I once again took the bloody noodle out of his mouth and with that he clamped down on my thumb, I have never been bitten by a dog but I know people that have and they say that their mouths lock.. Lincoln’s mouth was locked on my thumb right at the bottom of my nail, now I always try my hardest not to swear at my child and I also try not to call him names… but that fucking hurt, with lots of older mums there looking down their nose at me for being the youngest mum with the oldest baby it was hard to keep calm but I certainly muttered every curse word I knew as I prized his teeth out of my thumb! I have never seen blood pour out of my thumb like that before, Lincoln found it hilarious! We quickly exited the pool to say the least I was not a happy mummy and my poor bloody thumb still has the scar, however this was just the beginning of the vampire that is my child. 

After several time outs and tellings off we finally had the biting under control, he would only ever bite when he was over excited or over tired in the first place, so we just had to limit this and get it under control- which is easier said than done with a hyper one and a half year old. 

Today we went to Jungle Jungle which is a soft play area based in Somerset, we’ve been a couple times and we usually go with my Best friend and her little girl. Now Lincoln and Evie bicker and fight like brother and sister anyway, they have grown up together and love each other, but today was the first time he had ever bit her and I was mortified!! Lincoln has been bit at nursery several times and it’s never a nice thing to be told your child has been bit and as much as people say ‘oh all kids do it’ it never makes it alright! So when he bit someone other than me or Tom I was horrified! I think the worst of it is that you then don’t trust your child to play nicely with any other children, I found myself constantly preventing close interaction between him and any other child and the last thing you want is for them to hurt anyone else. I know he never intentionally bites somebody to hurt them it’s out of excitement but you try telling that to a 5’9 angry looking mother who you don’t know and the only reason you have met is because your child bit there child. Not good! 

So we’re back being hot on the biting front, Is anybody else’s child a biter? How did you overcome it? 

LeahJade xoxo

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