Packing for our journey 

We leave for Olu Deniz, Turkey in 2 days. I have actually been extremely organised which is unlike me! Today we finished off our packing! I am 100% convinced that I will leave something vital at home but with the lists I have written the checks I have done hopefully it’s nothing to important.. like forgetting to bring Lincoln with us. 

I even had a little helper when it came to my suitcase! Luckily my mum is coming with us and she is always mega organised and has everything under control, my only concern is the 4 hour flight, but maybe if I don’t think about it, it won’t happen? Denial denial denial. 

I will write about this holiday a lot as this is a lot of firsts for us both. This is our first holiday! Our first package holiday with thomas cook. The first time abroad with an under 2 year old. Lincoln’s first plane journey. Our first holiday with my mum! And our first time to turkey! So hopefully things will go smoothly. 

Blog posts coming up-

  • Plane journeys as a parent 
  • Turkey 2017 
  • Travelling with an under 2 

Wish me luck 

LeahJade xoxo 

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