Hospitals and Doctors are a common place for everyone to go, if your unwell, you’ve hurt yourself or need some kind of support we always have the NHS. It’s something I have always taken for granted, free healthcare. Last night we spent the evening in Yeovil district hospital, initially we started out in the A&E department and were eventually moved up to the children’s ward, don’t worry we are all okay it was for a routine check so nothing to panicky about the terror is all safe and sound. 

Now I am the worst person to go to a hospital with, I am possibly one of greys anatomys biggest fans and well… I’m basically a doctor, so once I’m there I like to think I’m part of uks equivalent to Greys and I know exactly what they’re talking about. Im probably hideously wrong and I also have theee weakest stomach, literally the sight of a cut makes me gag but still I continue to think I’m an undiscovered surgeon who should be winning 30 Harper Avery awards. 

Whilst being there we spent a lot of time sitting and waiting, as every one does and complains about doing. Since starting my blog I’ve begun paying attention to more and more of what’s going on around me, seeing outside of what’s going on in our one situation and what’s going on as a whole. In the 5 hours we were there, we were very well taken care of, our situation was unique to a lot of others in there so things were slightly different for us. 

When in A&E I watched the distress of a mother with a poorly little girl, she arrived a couple hours before us and initially was told to keep her fluids up and she would be fine, the mother wasn’t convinced and the young girl refused to drink, you could see in the mothers face all she wanted was for this child to be treated as an emergency but didn’t have the assertive approach to get this through to the nurse. In this case sometimes Mothers know best, they know what’s right and what isn’t for their babies. Now I could see that the nurses were doing as much as they could with what they had in front of them, there was no direct cause of the illness, was nothing indicating exactly what was wrong and the child they were treating was too young to tell them what was wrong. You could see in this mothers eyes she was worried, and in this case mothers know best! The little girl was moved up on to the floor and unfortunately got worse, we don’t know the outcome but can only pray it was a good one! In this instance the new approach of once someone has been in A&E for a certain amount of time they get moved up to the ward works, unlike our case where we got put on the ward and it wasn’t really necessary. 

The nurses on the children’s ward were incredible, watching them work and care for children and their families was amazing, they took such great care of us and the terror who was his usual cheeky self and they made a real fuss of him which made him a lot more comfortable on the ward. We have been to that ward a couple times now as Lincoln is prone to Febrile convulsions, to anyone that doesn’t know what that is- when his temperature goes over 40 he usually ends up having a convulsion which is similar to a seizure or a fit. Its basically his bodies way of trying to cool down, it’s extremely scary for both the parent and the child and usually occurs in children under the age of 2 but as a precaution he usually ends up with an over night stay, and frustratingly calpol doesn’t help to bring his temperature down, so it’s difficult to battle. Touch wood we haven’t had any episodes recently but he’s a healthy boy and should grow out of it. 

As I was saying they are always so great, I usually put this down to the fact that they’re on a children’s ward so really all nurses should be very Mary Poppins like but I have my head in the clouds and always think the best of everyone but they really are great. One woman is there and must go through 100s of patients but she always remembers Lincoln and it’s so lovely to have that personal touch, it helps Lincoln to settle in to such a difficult place! 

The NHS can’t be an easy place to work and from some of the conversations we overheard about shift working and other work related woes, it must be hard to keep a smile on especially for all the kids and their concerned parents but they do such an amazing job. I am the worst person for ‘slagging’ off Yeovil hospital but they really are doing the best they can with the situation they have and things are improving massively! 

Have you had any difficulties with the NHS? Spent a long time in their care? Or even a short time?

LeahJade xoxo 

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