Terrors first flight 

We made it. In one peice. 

As you may have seen from my other posts we’re off on holiday! My first time to turkey and Lincoln’s first time abroad, I won’t lie, I’ve been dreading it. To the point I’ve considered not going! 

I’m not a weathered traveler I haven’t drank cocktails out of a bucket in Thailand, Swam with dolphins in Florida or rode an elephant in India but I’ve been abroad a couple times, a few family holidays as a kid and a short break, so I know how the whole holiday thing goes, I can navigate an air port well enough, however I’ve never been abroad with a toddler and neither has mum, and to be honest I was sh*tting it. 

We all hear about people’s dreadful flights and how there was a screaming baby or annoying toddler on the plane, either yelling in there ear or kicking the back of the chair and I could actually picture it in my head it being my toddler, my nightmare child winding up the other passengers. I also was worried about how he would handle the taking off and landing, I could imagine Lincoln having a tantrum flinging his limbs around screaming and I’m stood at the front trying to convince the stewardess there is something wrong with the left Falange (friends fans out there- your welcome) just so we could get off of the plane! 

However I was pleasantly surprised! We arrived at the airport after a very smooth journey up, we loaded up the suitcases got the terror in his pushchair and headed for departures! So we’re stood in the queue to check in. Meltdown number one begins! I thought I was prepared for everything! I had and abundance of snacks, I had books, cars, dinosaurs, trains and worst case scenario I had paw patrol and peppa pig loaded on the iPad. However Lincoln wanted none of these things whilst we stood on the queue. He didn’t want to be in the pushchair, he didn’t want to walk, he didn’t want to sit on the suitcases and he was not impressed with being carried, I had exhausted all options of transportation. So I resort to laps of the check out desks, after 4 laps and plenty of sympathetic faces of parents who’s children were peacefully napping, we were through and off to security. 

There’s me thinking we would sail through security, I’d thrown mums water out, put all our stuff in to the trays and gone through the bleepy things, no problems and then I see my tray whoosh off to be checked. Oh f*ck, I wasn’t carrying a Swiss arm knife? I hadn’t brought a drink with me? What was it?… suncream bloody suncream! At no point in my life has it ever occurred to me that suncream is a liquid, i wasn’t sure what sort of substance I thought it was but never did I expect to get pulled over in security for it, what a tit. 

That palava done with we had two hours to kill and a fidgety toddler we decided to do a bit of browsing, shortly whilst doing so the pushchair once again was not an acceptable place for Lincoln to sit so we put the reins on him, worse decision ever. Meltdown number two happened! This kid was literally leading me to just saying f*ck it lets go home, his face in this picture sums up his experience of airports and how boring they are. It doesn’t help that he- along with all the males in my family hate crowded places, and it was busy and he was grumpy. Greaaaaaat 

We managed to kill the two hours with some browsing and snacks and then we were off to board the plane, he had had enough, enough of people, enough of airports and I had had enough of trying to keep my cool and not have a bitch fit about him having a bitch fit, we boarded the plane really well, we got to our seats, I could see the other passengers around us seeing Lincoln and thinking oh dear god please behave. 

Delay number one, we had to refuel! Lucky for us we had a magazine that kept him entertained and quiet apart from the odd Roar as he points out the lions, delay number two, waiting for a space on the runway, at that point I was just waiting for the first head flinging tantrum but no… I heard snores, little toddler snores! He was asleep! Before we had even taken off! Hallelujah, I’m a strong believer in people watching over you and this time I think grandad worked his magic and blessed us for that journey! 

2 hours in to our 3 and a half hour trip he slept for!! I even managed an hour nap! I had a bruised and numb arm from the arm rest I tried to protect Lincoln’s head from but it wasn’t my baby I could hear whinging it was someone else’s! Even when he finally woke we had enough snacks and toys to keep him busy for the last hour or so. And when landing came and we had to buckle up he was totally mesmerised by all the mountains and beautiful scenery it was silence and my god it was golden. 

I couldn’t not have been any luckier! So proud of my little man! He done so well, maybe we could do this again? Or maybe we will see how the return flight goes… wish me luck! 

LeahJade xoxo 

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