Olu Deniz 2017 

Well it’s the final day in turkey and it has been a beautiful holiday, what started off as a rough time turned in to a relaxing holiday to recharge batteries and escape reality for a week. 

Admittedly things haven’t been easy with Lincoln being poorly and the heat affecting him to go with it but it really has been great. We’ve seen some beautiful sites and experienced holidays in turkey, with some amazing shopping to go with it (most days we ended up shopping, my favourite thing to do) 

We flitted within the resort to the three towns of Olu Deniz, Hisaronu and Fethiye. This is lovely resort and I would definitely recommend it to most people! Ideal for families and couples, probably not The liveliest of places for stag/hen dos but still a great option! My only advice would be to make sure you have children that enjoy being by the pool or who are easily occupied. One thing I would have loved to do and will definitely be back at some point to do is the paragliding and boat trips, with Lincoln the boat trips didn’t really seem practical as he gets fidgety and bored easily but if he was older we would have definitely done one! 

The food is great, we had a wonderful experience at every restaurant we went to, everyone doted upon Lincoln giving him free meals and ice cream (result) and occupying him if he began to get fidgety whilst we ate. Being poorly he was off of his food slightly but the cold ice cream and milkshakes went down a treat with him! 

Our hotel was brilliant and so accommodating, nothing was to difficult for them, the maids new we were out in the morning and back in the early afternoon when the sun/heat was at its highest to keep Lincoln cool so they would make a point of doing our room around that. The hotel staff again were great as we wanted to extend our room stay until the late afternoon on our last day so we had time to freshen up before our flight. Again this was no hassle to them. The Turkish breakfasts are… different so we mainly stick to toast but in the evenings we would regularly eat down at the bar and the food was great! Pool was so clean and everything was so well cared for. 

The shopping… oh my god, the shopping! The clothes are great, the shoes are even better but the bags, oh dear lord the bags!! All genuine fakes of course but they were all so good I had a struggle to pick which ones I would be taking home with me! I’m so glad I had my mum with me though, you are continually hassled and haggled in turkey, I personally cannot stand it, it makes me so uncomfortable and that is probably the only thing I hated about this place! But mum was great, knocking them all down on prices (she was actually pretty good at it) and making sure Lincoln and I were safe the entire time! Even if I did nearly punch a guy for calling me barbie! 

All in all we had an amazing time and I look forward to going back again, maybe next time with more of the family and to marmaris. 

Wish us luck on the flight back! 

LeahJade xoxo 

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