Hitting reality with a thud

Why is it only a matter of days- sometimes after a matter of hours from being back from a holiday its like you never left?!


I planned the holiday just right so we got back late Friday night. Giving us the whole weekend to adjust and still enjoy a bit of holiday back at home before reality kicks in and we are back at work/nursery. This however did not quite go as I planned. I was totally not ready for Monday morning mayhem!

We went out for a late breakfast’s over the weekend, lounged around watching films, walked along the coast, had a takeaway and before I knew it, it’s 6.30 am on a Monday morning and you’re forced back in to the habit of getting up and getting yourself and the terror ready for the day. Then rush off to work. Usually this would not have been an issue however Monday morning came and bit me in the arse. My face broke out, I have permanently misplaced my hairbrush in turkey, The terror had screaming ab jabs over the fact he wasn’t nor ever will be allowed Haribo for breakfast. Which closely followed by his tantrum over going in to his car seat. GREEAAATTTT.

After 10 days off work I knew I was going to be coming back to a lot of paperwork to do. But the amount i came back to is ridiculous! I’m 90% sure everyone ordered unnecessary parts just to make sure I was drowning in the mounds of work! Either that or to make me hate the idea of going on another holiday!


The terror has struggled these past couple days back. He spent the last week- although it was only a week it was long enough to kick him out of his routine- sharing a room/bed with me and travelling sat on my lap, as well as being totally out of any form of routine. So now he has an almighty bitch fit at the mention of night nights and getting him to be strapped in to a car seat is horrendous! The screams I had strapping him in Monday morning to go to nursery, you honestly would have thought someone was seriously hurting him, not trying to carry out safety measures that could ultimately save his life! Although telling him this fell upon deaf ears.
His sleeping has always been a bit all over the place with night waking and night feeds but when it comes to actually getting in to bed he’s normally pretty good we might have the odd whinge and cry but that doesn’t happen very often. Since we went away we’ve had kicking, screaming and banging on the door for at least half an hour sometimes longer! And this can happen at 3 am! Now the cry it out method isn’t ideal for every parent but with Lincoln it worked and he learnt to self settle very quickly however now he is old enough to get out of the bed (and has his mothers stubborn trait) he is not one for giving in! As if having a a bit of jet lag isn’t enough he decide’s to throw this in to the mix!

giphy (1).gif

Anybody else suffering with toddlers out of routine?
Back to reality is a bitch. But the holidays are brilliant!


One thought on “Hitting reality with a thud

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