National Trust Members 

Today we became National trust members, this is something we’ve thought about several times but never really got around to doing.

We do lots of walking and love getting the terror and puppy outside and enjoying the outdoors so this was perfect for us. We are lucky enough to both be under 25 so we’re able to have the young adult membership which is half the price of one adult membership, the only difference is you can’t pay by direct debit for the young adult membership. Thankfully Lincoln is free which makes for a very cheap day out. 

So for our first visit we went to Montacute house somewhere we have been before and I’ve written about before but being so close it was ideal for us to pop by and take the dog for a walk. 

We were given a handbook as well as the link for the app on the Apple Store, so whilst Lincoln had a nap we went through the book and marked off so many places we want to visit and see. 

We also picked up the leaflet 50 things to do before your 11 and three quarters although being the big kids we are we’ve decided to complete this aswell. So await more updates on our days out. 

I would definitely recommend taking out a membership to anyone looking for cheap and easy days out with the kids! Another great bonus is you can get free parking at beaches in and around England! Which is great now that we are getting in to summer and the beach is so popular! 

3 thoughts on “National Trust Members 

  1. It’s definitely on my list of things to do, I just think my girls are a little too young this year to appreciate it!


  2. I think I’ll probably look at doing it after Christmas when the little one is able to walk a bit more. She still wobbles and falls over a lot!


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