Ready Set Plan.

Firstly I would like to thank all the beautiful people who have Congratulated us on our engagement! We are both over the moon and so excited for our future nuptials.
We’ve been engaged a week and I am so full of ideas.
I can’t even deny the fact I’ve already bought a wedding planner and started planning, We have set a rough date for November-December 2019. This give us plenty of time to save and plan our dream day. (Dad if your reading this I hope your saving too, Tradition and all) (He’s literally going to kill me for writing that!)

I have never been one of those girls that has had their dream day planned in their head since they were 5. This is nothing like Bride wars where they know what they want and how and all that hoo haa. It’s only been this past week that I have realised what it is that I want and It has also been in this last week that I have realised what I don’t want (total cringe at the idea of peach dresses and puffball sleeves! VOMMM!!!) I can also promise my bridesmaids (some are unaware so i won’t name them just yet) I will try my hardest not to become a bridezilla or a nightmare drama queen attention seeking hoe bride. 

One thing I do have to commend whilst I’m writing is Hobby Craft. Their wedding planners are perfect and so helpful! I recently bought the ‘A Decadent Do’ Planner. I won’t lie it was the first I saw and had my crazy psycho organiser head not reared its ugly face I probably would of hunted around a bit and found another but it has been unbelievable knowledgable! It has little insert pages that clue you up on the things you need to think of, from catering quotes to groomsmen sizes it has everything!
I am totally loving all this planning and the note writing, although I think Tom is loving it even more, he has spent atleast 3 nights this week on the xbox because I have been so engrossed in my wedding planning. Although I have always made time for Love Island!Something Tom isn’t too happy about.

I’ve been searching the internet far and wide for lots of cute wedding and engagement ideas and bits and bobs. So if anyone knows of any cute online shops or wedding fairs let me know!
One place I have come across thanks to my Instagram stories and the lovely Harriet of Toby&Roo she has recently been sent some beautiful gifts from Walter and May.  After a having a little nose through their website I have found some BEAUTIFUL cards and home decor I will definitely have to have!

I’ve even treated myself to a new laptop, I bought one not that long ago, a HP little 14inch thingy and honestly it was terrible. Even after one of Tom’s amazing computer whiz and future best man wiped it and tried sorting it, it was still so laggy! So I traded it in and managed to get nearly all of my money back and then invested in my dream Macbook Pro. It is second hand and an old 2012 model but its still so beautiful and perfect! and is just in time for my video creating! (Watch this space)

I will try to keep all of you updated with how the planning is going and how are busy lifestyle continues to role. And any other online shops and boutiques I find! so watch this space!
Girls are you planning weddings? Any advice?

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