Summer is here ☀️

We’re here in the heart of Somerset and the past couple of days it’s been up to and slightly above 30 degrees! 

I try so hard not to moan about it! I’m a winter girl always have been and always probably will be! Give me a blanket and hoodie and I’ll be happy but I really hate it when people moan ‘oh it’s too hot’ they are usually the first people to moan that it’s too cold 😒 and I try so hard myself not to whinge about how hot it is we should be enjoying it before the rain comes back to haunt us. 

I’ve spent the last two beautiful days at work… 😔 and how crappy that is, we have had some wonderful customers think of us in this heat and bring us in ice creams! 🍦This always lightens the mood in the workshop and their is nothing like an ice cream break! I think this should become a more regular and national thing although I’m sure my dad would disagree! 

One thing we do suffer with is lack of breeze in our house. Upstairs there is just no air and even with windows open and fans on, Lincoln’s room especially is so muggy and hot! We’ve been giving him baths to cool him down which really helps and luckily he loves playing in water so this definitely soothes him. I’ve also seen an idea shared by one of my friends on Facebook by putting a frozen bottle of water in front of the fan it helps to put a bit of moisture and cool in the air! So last night I put a bottle of water in the freezer and tonight we will be giving that a try! 

I have seen so many things about dogs suffering in this heat and it infuriates me to think that some absolute idiot would even consider taking a dog out in the car and leaving them in it in this heat or even walking them on the scolding hot concrete at the hottest point of the day! We have had to cut baileys walks right back and leave them until late in the evening as he is so exhausted in this heat and it’s terribly unfair to make them suffer in this heat! He is loving the little chunks of ice in his water bowl he even tried an ice pole yesterday, admittedly he was a bit unsure to start with but he was soon loving the cool! 

If you can’t walk bare foot neither can your dog.

Today we’re off to spend some time with our best friends and enjoy a bit of the sun in their back garden I’m even hoping to convince Tom to take us down to the beach this evening for chips by the sea 😊 fingers crossed he gives in! ❤️

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