Engagement party is underway.

We’ve set a wedding date!! Okay, so we’ve set a month and a year but its definitely a start! December 2019 cannot come soon enough! It seems so far away but with the ideas and plans i have in mind it may be too soon!!

gif ring

I’ve got venues viewing booked and have already begun planning what was going to be a small intimate evening wedding has quickly grown out of control with the vast size of our families combined! Luckily Tom is being really cooperative and I think he is kind of enjoying the planning too! and with my mum and best friends help I don’t feel quite so alone in our decision making.

But until 2018/19 the big stuff will have to wait so we have decided to have a little celebration of our engagement by throwing a party!
We originally thought it would be a good idea to have all our families meet one another and then whilst looking at who to invite and as the list grew we just ended up chucking everyone in and calling it a party.

I’ve managed to find us the perfect venue at The Red House in Yeovil one of the towns near to home. which has the most perfect function room complete with a fairy light ceiling. (I am utterly obsessed with fairy lights, so this was a massive must) And they do a Hog roast so Tom was in from the word Hog.
My dad is part of the SBDCC (sutton bingham district canoe club) who use this venue to hold lots of their parties and gatherings of such and he hasn’t once complained and they were possibly the best priced venue around.

Date set for september I start looking in to invitations. Now I’m quite fussy and as Tom will tell you I create material things in my head that physically don’t exist or have never been designed and then spend hours getting frustrated that i can’t find exactly what I want. He says I’m picky, I say i like attention to detail. So with my wedding planning I’ve been creating in my head an invitation that coincides with our wedding colour scheme. Easy right? Not exactly! I want the font to be specific and the colours need to be just right and nothing to over the top but something that makes you say WOW.

I had given up hope that i was going to have to find someone to create these invitations and it was going to cost an absolute fortune and these were only for the engagement party invitations not evening the wedding invitations! So after trawling the internet and attempting to try and write my own cards which was an utter disaster as I have the writing of a 13 year old boy! I nearly gave in when Tom suggested Ebay.. I have nothing against Ebay intact i use it quite often but too me this didn’t seem possible until I looked and Tom although I won’t admit directly too him was right! I found the most perfect invitations. They shown exactly what i wanted them too and all you had to do was stick them in an envelope with the addresses on. Perfect!


This little company I found are called Jump fox. They have so many different unique and pretty designs and they were so cheap! we paid £16.99 for 40 invitations (this was just the first order) I ordered them after having the proof sent across on the friday lunchtime and they had been delivered to the house by the time I got home from work on the saturday morning!
Just in time for my family barbecue on the sunday!

The next thing I’ve been looking in to is a cake! It’s become more of a family tradition that you have the traditional wedding cake and then the groom has there own cake. My step dad had a cake in the shape of a spar lorry and trailer and my uncle had a Ducati Bike cake. So when thinking about having a party I thought what a great reason to try out one of the local cake makers. I decided on a very simple and plain cake for our engagement party and ordered online a gold cake topper with the words engaged on. Pictures and cake tasting reviews to follow!

I’ve also booked with my favourite photographer Tessa Chapman who did Lincoln’s Beautiful Christening photos to do some engagement photos for Tom and I.

Now comes the wait up to the party itself! We are both mega excited! and I have a few surprises waiting for the bridal and groom party to be.

One Girl Big World




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