Good for the soul.

After what has been a somewhat trying start to the week, I decided to spend our rainy ‘hump day‘ baking and being creative.
I love baking I have since i can remember. I have so many memories of baking with my Nanny Apple. I think the best has to be cooking so many different batches of flapjack to figure out which was the best recipe only to realise that one of the batches we had accidentally used salt instead of sugar! I have never put salt or sugar in unlabelled clear boxes since this mistake!!


Were currently on a freezer clear out, so we are using everything we possibly can in the freezer as over the past 6 months or so we’ve accumulated a lot of random shit in there. Since we moved in there has been a piece of venison haunting my freezer. I have point blank avoided it because I have never been keen on the idea of eating poor little bambi. Until today when i felt even worse that she or he had been sat in our freezer for a couple months now.


Toms whined and kept on about how he wants me to bake another pie and he was in luck today as there was pastry in the fridge! I am the queen of ‘winging it’ I’m terrible at following recipes and when I do they always end up terrible so today i didn’t even bother to look at one. I told myself that it was just a joint of lamb. I wasn’t about to roast this majestic creature I couldn’t help but adore the smell that lingered through the house of a roasting joint at 9am this morning! It really was Beautiful! It is on my to do list to write up the recipe. Not that I’ll follow it but you can!


After the baking was done and nap time and play time was over I popped in to hobby craft. Since wedding planning has begun this place has become my guilty pleasure! I am obsessed with all creative ideas! I even bought a wood burning kit! (What were they thinking giving a pyromaniac a wood burning kit) But thats for another day! Today we need spray paint!

img_3471I’ve decided that each bridesmaid and groomsmen will receive a gift requesting there positions in the bridal party at the engagement party. So far I’ve got the girls sorted..ish. Guys I’m sorry yours could be a bit of a bodge- especially if Tom is doing it! So for each bridesmaid they will receive a box. Now some of the girls that know they are going to be bridesmaids read my blog so I won’t be posting my bridesmaids gift boxes until after the party. Don’t worry ladies. They will be awesome.

For now you can see the beginning of the project. I’m actually super proud of myself! I’ve never been one of these artsy fartsy mums that are creating pasta painted bird boxes and all that other crap, we may have the odd day where we get the colouring pens out and I spend more time telling Lincoln to keep his colouring on the paper rather than all over our dining room table but hey ho at least I try right?

Dinner served. Two hungry boys are happy. When it comes to food and eating I am a very lucky mum. Lincoln will eat anything you put in front of him. Literally the other day I caught him biting chunks out of our carpet underlay. But this kid will literally try/eat any food and he devoured his entire plate full. I take it for granted a lot because when cooking our meals I only have to make one meal and all 3 of us will sit an eat the same even when it comes to things like salad! I really do feel for the parents who’s kids live off of Pizza and smiley potato faces! I salute to you more than one meal cookers. You people are the real heroes!

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