This weeks little treats ❤️

I have unfortunately gotten back in to the habit of shopping again 🙄 I had gotten really good and was only buying necessities- food shopping and Lincoln’s clothes when needed, this was going really well… until I delved back in to the realms of online shopping and the high street again 😩 

I thought I would share a couple of my favourite purchases from this week, although I have got a few left to be delivered 🙄

My first that I was a very nervous about buying. 

This was massively out of my comfort zone. I don’t wear dresses unless I have too and I don’t wear bright colours! This is so far from my usual grey/navy blue coloured clothes it sticks out like a sore thumb in my wardrobe. Unbelievably it’s from Primarni!! (Primark) I’m not going to lie, I hate primark, I only go in to primark for Lincoln’s clothes and cheap vest tops for in the winter and that’s only if I have too. I find the quality is terrible, but I suppose that goes with the cheap prices, however this has to be my first good find! It was £6 and the quality doesn’t seem half bad! My other massive excitement was that it’s a Size 8! I have never, even before Lincoln bought a size 8 anything! So this was a huge excitement for me! 

Today (Thursday) was happy mail day. I love getting post! I get so excited when I have parcels arrive! 

Jo&Judy workbook planner

My Jo&Judy workbook planner! I am obsessed with being organised! Since having Lincoln my baby brain is forever playing tricks on me! I have to write everything down whether it’s in my calendar on my phone or in my notebook. So after seeing jo and Judy on Instagram a couple times, I could not resist! They have an absolutely beautiful range of stationary, And the different collections are stunning! 

Hopefully my other happy mail will arrive soon and I can share it all with you 💕 

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