Bowood house and tractor ted

I’ve been a bit slack with this one as it was a couple weekends ago that we went but then I’ve been a little slack with everything the past couple weeks 😔

We’ve been looking at taking Lincoln to a tractor ted day out for a while since his obsession with tractors and farms is growing rapidly! After a little bit of investigation we found Bowood House and gardens in Calne,Wiltshire. Roughly an hour and half away from home. 

Upon arriving we discovered it was holding a triathlon something none of us were planning to compete in so it was fairly busy before they had even opened! We had a late small breakfast in the cafe at the treehouse cafe before the gardens opened at 11am. The food was nice nothing to write home about and was priced averagely for these kind of places. Unfortunately this wasn’t part of the national trust so we were unable to use our memberships and paid £12.50 per adult, Lincoln was free. 

The house and gardens have many activities for all ages, we began by walking around the gardens and up to the cascade and Doric temple, the grounds were beautiful and so well looked after. With lots of hidden gems, the hermits cave and temple being two of them. It is really easily accessible being able to take a pushchair places is currently a big must for us and this makes it a lot easier with Lincoln’s little legs tiring out quickly. We managed to watch the swimming part of the triathlon from the temple, watching all the competitors swim around the beautiful lake. Dad was itching to get in one of the kayaks they had their and have a quick paddle. 

They also have a soft play area as well as an outdoor play area for the bigger kids. Lincoln managed to convince his Grandad and Nana to play with him for ages on the soft play area. Wearing them all out well! 

We did have a quick look around the historic house which we read that oxygen was actually discovered- obviously oxygen was around but the actual discovering of the existence was in the small library/laboratory just off of the main room where the family still have Christmas in.

The main event for us was the tractor ted little farm that they had there. If I’m honest I was a little disappointed in it, in the pictures online it seems great and big and very interactive, however this was very small and basic and the staff on the little farm were more interested in chatting to one another than interacting with the children and animals, they have a couple pigs, rabbits and chickens in the pens in the barn and then outside their was 2 goats, and some llama’s with some ride on tractors but it all seemed very basic, But all the same Lincoln enjoyed climbing on the vintage tractor and on tractor ted himself but that was really it, so a little disappointing for us but maybe we just had high expectations? 

Overall we had a great day out and Lincoln loved it with few tantrums apart from when it came to leaving the soft play, he had an utter meltdown and the four of us struggled to strap him in! 

Bowood house and gardens is great to let kids run of some steam and is very interesting in itself I would definitely recommend to other parents however don’t get too excited about the tractor ted farm! 

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