I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
Saturday was my 23 birthday! Since having Lincoln I’m always more excited about his birthday then I am my own. I think that’s just part of being a parent. The excitement of seeing their little faces light up when they come down and see all their presents laid out for them. However this year I was slightly more excited due to the element of surprise Tom had laid out for me.
I cant lie, he shocked me, Like blew me off my feet shocked me. The first time we ever went Christmas shopping to get his families gifts, his lack of care or attention made me think I would be lucky if he remembered the day without being reminded but he really pulled it out the bag this year! Organizing surprise evening and presents from both himself and Lincoln as well as giving other people gift ideas. I really was shocked when the day before my birthday he had carried in 3 large pre-wrapped boxes and left them upstairs ready for when we woke in the morning!

Morphy Richards

So on the Friday we went to my dads house for pizza and presents! we ordered in Pizza hut and had our family there. It was a lovely evening full of laughter and We always enjoy ourselves when we go over for tea. I also had a few gifts and cards. My personal favorite had to be my new mixer! As you all know I love baking! It is one of my biggest hobbies, always trialing and tasting new recipes. Earlier in the year Tom’s parents were so kind and found me a second hand mixer that someone was going to throw out! So they rescued it and brought it back for me after my meringue disaster a mixer was an amazing gift! But Dad and Nicky bought a Beautiful Vibrant Red Morphy Richards Mixer and I fell in love! My excitement to bake this week has grown massively!


Waking up on Saturday morning to a big sloppy kiss from my little terror was perfect, Tom had even managed to repeat Birthday enough times that Lincoln came bouncing in shouting “Birthday,Birthday,Birthday” in his sweet little voice. With help of the toddler the presents were unwrapped fairly quickly, and the thought that Tom had put in was Incredible. He bought me the baby wooden giraffe I had wanted from a local wooden shop. They have a whole family of Giraffe’s and whilst out walking the dog one evening I said how much I loved them and surprisingly he had remembered. A beautiful necklace with an amethyst stone. From the little terror I got the most beautiful dressing table stool that I had kept on and on about how much I hated having to kneel at my dressing table to get ready! I was so lucky!

Lincoln then went to stay with his Nana and Grandad for the day and evening and we went out for Frankie’s and Bennys Breakfast which was delicious! and extremely filling! I had the Pancakes whilst Tom stuck to his usual Papa Grande. Followed by a trip to the cinema to watch the new Spiderman- Homecoming. It was an absolutely brilliant film. Had us laughing so much! With the hopes of their being a follow on!

img_3765I was then told to go home and get ready as we were about to head to the surprise. This surprise had been discussed and I was only given the clue’s it is ‘related to water’ In Axminster, and We would be eating. After lots of teasing from my family telling me to take a change of clothes! We were all dressed up, and headed off to Axminster. Tom had no idea where we had to go and I had no idea where we were going so we managed to drive past it twice! Luckily Tom spotted it before I did and parked and img_3766walked us down towards it I was so excited and utterly clueless and then we got outside. He had booked us in to The River Cottage Canteen for a meal. I have never been so excited! Tom and I have watched pretty much all the River Cottage TV shows and we’ve got a couple of the recipe books but never in a million years did I expect him to think of and plan this! And the fact I didn’t get the clue everyone gave me is utterly annoying! But all in all the boy did so good! We had a beautiful meal, I tried Rabbit for the first time and actually liked it! and then spent the evening out in the truck doing typical Somerset Country Bumpkin shooting.

I could not have been any luckier! I am so grateful to Tom and all the thought he put in to making my birthday perfect. He puts up with a lot and then does things like that and I really could not be happier!

One Girl Big World




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