Glossybox Arrival

Girls, who doesn’t love getting happy mail? I love getting happy mail! This probably accounts for a lot of my online ordering!
A couple years ago I signed up for Glossy box, and loved getting my monthly boxes through of all things beauty related. Their really is no better pick me up than a box full of goodies. Then I moved house cancelled my subscription and never got round to re subscribing! I’ve looked in to a couple different subscription boxes recently- Birch Box, Glossy Box, The Pink Parcel etc but I couldn’t decide between Glossy Box and Birch Box so I decided to give both a try for 3 months and then decide which I prefer. 

It may be familiarity or it may be my love of make up and beauty products but Glossy box never disappointed me before so I though why not give it another try?

A Quick Rundown
In each glossy box you get 5 products, Some full sized some mini testers, all boxed and beautifully packaged for you to try. 
When applying for the glossy box they take you through a quiz of your personal preferences and attributes to send you relevant products. So if for example you have brown hair and they are sending out purple shampoo specific for blondes you will get something better suited. 

Prices do vary depending on your subscription. So I’ve chosen the monthly subscription at £10 a month plus P&P, but their are other options available and subscriptions can also be bought as a gift.

Whats Inside?
A spectrum small fan brush
Cutebalm Macaroon tint balm
Monuspa After sun lotion
Bellapierre Cosmetics Banana setting powder
3 Papangas spiral hair bands.

So I have given all but one a try this week. Unfortunately the weather this end has been horrendous, Thunderstorms and heavy rain making the after sun lotion pretty useless! although it does smell great!

My first favourite has to be the Papanga Spiral hair bands. I’ve had a couple of these before and being a mum a hair band is an absolute must! I always have a hair band either in my hair on my wrist or in my bag, I literally cannot cope with out one. Nothing is more annoying when your trying to change a nappy and your hair is about to fall in and change your beautiful blonde to dip dyed 50 shades of shit..Grim. These spiral bands are brightly coloured Not the best for me as I prefer more neutral hair accessories The beauty of these bands is they really do grip on to your hair and hold it where you want it to be. I find with a lot of elastic hair bands I’m always tightening my pony tail or having to re do it, I haven’t had to do that once with these. Another positive is the claims that they prevent damage to hair when pull out and being tied back can cause breakages in your hair these supposedly prevent that. Admittedly they aren’t as painful to take out after a long day of tightening and re doing however I can’t really commenting on this making a massive difference in the space of a couple of days. My only negative for these have to be the bright colours but they do have lots of others available.


Next up Is the Banana Setting Powder by Bella pierre. I am a massive Laura Mercier fan and the likely hood of ever changing my translucent powder is slim to none but I am always willing to try new products even if it is just the once. This setting powder is a slightly of yellow colour, this is suppose to use a yellow hue to correct any redness or discolouration. Which is perfect for under eyes or any spots. I used it in exactly the same way I would my usual powder by ‘baking’ it on. The powder is a lot thinner than my usual and didn’t brush off as easy but this could have been down to using the Spectrum Fan brush and not being use to it but both together they seemed like good products I didn’t notice any massive difference in any under eye bags but I think I will stick to my usual Laura Mercier and Real Techniques brush.

Personally I wasn’t a fan of the Cutebalms tint balm. I found it to be very dry and probably dried my lips out more than usual. I used to a brush to apply the balm as I didn’t fancy having a tinted finger. It did apply well with a brush but once on I didn’t like the feeling it left my lips with. It smelt delicious and the casing was really cute and kept with the macaroon theme, just wasn’t my cup of tea. 


Next up will be my reviews of the Birch Box once it arrives! I’ve had lots of goodies posted lately! Some I can’t reveal just yet! Sorry Bridesmaids
All in good time

For anyone looking to sign up for their own monthly Glossy Box here’s 50% off your first box! Glossy Box 50% off

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