Update- The Evil Peach nesting on my ovary

Today I finally met with the consultant about my Ovarian cyst. I can’t lie.. I was bricking it. The entire drive and once I got their I was shaking. I could barely push the lock button on the car key as I walked in. 
I’ve never been to Axminster hospital and judging by the outpatients waiting area, It is what I would call Gods waiting room. I was the youngest In the room by a minimum of 40 years! And that’s being generous. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long before being called in by the nurse to meet Dr Joels. 
She could quite clearly see how nervous I was and quickly reassured me that she was going to get things sorted and would answer any of my questions. Which she did! Incredibly well.

770633_1After a quick push on my lower stomach she could feel what she described as a large peach resting on my ovary. I was never a big fan of peaches… But now I won’t touch one again. It hurt as she pushed down. A pain I thought I had become accustom too when you have a toddler climbing all over you digging knees and elbows In to you all hours of the day. But I think I must of jumped a foot off of the table, Leading her to quickly tell me she will be organising my surgery.


We returned to the consultation room and she explained to me the procedure she wanted to perform. In the next 4-6 weeks I will be having a Laparoscopy Cystectomy. In short terms she’s going to place a cut in my belly button, blow my stomach up with gas, Remove the cyst, Reconstruct my ovary and then remove any possible Endometriosis lining. This scares the sh*t out of me. This means I will be off work for up to 2 weeks. When the doctor tells you that your going to feel like you’ve been ran over by a bus for a few days you can’t help but worry just a tiny bit more.

I’ve only ever been put under General anaesthetic once before. I was 6 and I managed to shove a plastic bead so far up my nose It had to be surgically removed. But this time its serious. She told me the possible risks, one being she slips and cuts my bowel open. GREAT. The other being I loose my entire ovary on the left side. EVEN BETTER. In all fairness she was brilliant and has given me what information she could, answered all my questions and has reassured me so much.

The one thing I have noticed whilst doing the one thing I have been told countless of times not to do is actually the lack of information available to women with Ovarian cysts that aren’t PCOS. PCOS is a serious condition but a completely different thing in itself. Again the ovarian cyst is also related to Endometriosis but slightly different (If you do not suffer from the usual Endo symptoms which I do not), Something else that isn’t wildly informative online but It is definitely something that needs to be addressed so that your average women like myself isn’t completely blind to their situation and what is available to them. I found this picture online. I never suffered with any of these symptoms until I collapsed. But you should never ignore it if it prolongs.


Although I can’t deny the fact I have already imagined my own greys anatomy episode featuring moi and my angry peach. 


So now we wait. I should have a phone call from her secretary within the next week or so with a date for surgery which will be performed at Exeter Hospital.

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