A Marvel Little Adventure

I am film mad. I love a good movie night! And most recently we have begun our Marvel adventure. By this we mean watching all the Marvel Films in the order they are meant to be. 
giphy (1)

Tom isn’t a massive fan of watching films, he gets bgiphyored easily. (the attention span of a 2-year-old) but even he can enjoy a good marvel film. 
For those hermits that have no idea what Marvel is he

re’s a quick brief. 
Marvel Comics started out as a publication company, publishing comic books based widely on superheros. The company began creating the comics in to films and the rest is pretty much history. They currently have 16 films out and have 10 in production. We loved the iron man films and recently went to watch the new Spider man homecoming at the cinema, so after a little research we decided to look in to the order the films should be watched in as they all seemed a bit mismatched. 

After a bit of research I found this timeline which is pretty damn cool! The great thing with Marvel is they all link together To eventually create The Avengers. Although not in chronological order this is recommended for where they sit in the timeline of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Timeline
Thanks to the girls at pure fandom for creating this!

We have managed to watch the first 5 In the space of a week. The only film we were disappointed in was The Incredible Hulk, however the rest of the films have been brilliant! I am a massive Tony stark fan and find him utterly hilarious. 

We are hoping once we have finished the current movies to go to the cinema and watch the rest when they are released!

giphy (2)

I’m sure my Step Brother Ethan who is totally crazy for all Marvel and DC comic films will be so proud of us! 
I suppose the Grey’s Anatomy will have to stay on hold until we are done.

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