The Birchbox arrival

You may have seen my previous post on  My Glossybox Arrival.  Well The other day I received my Birch box! I was extremely excited. I have previously had the Glossy box but this was my first experience with the Birch box and I must say it really was brilliant!

The website for Birch box is really interactive with a shop with all past and present samples available in full size. You’ve again got the facility to review the products and have your reviews posted to the website. As well as linking up your Instagram photos with the monthly boxes. Similar to Glossy box and the Glossy dots you can earn Birch box points which after so long and doing so many reviews you receive enough points for a voucher. I love this scheme and will definitely be keeping up with it!Birchbox
My first impressions of the box was WOW. It looked so pretty and was very aesthetically pleasing. I thought the sunset colors and palm trees really drew my attention and gave me the ‘Miami Beach’ feels. This box is different from glossy box. Glossy box is a lift top lid where as the birch box was like a slide out draw. It’s difficult to rate as I love the slide out draw but with the Glossy box I feel like a bit more attention is put in to creating a gift as with the lift top lid its all wrapped in tissue paper making it a little more exciting to open. img_3842The items were well placed allowing the draw to easily open and shut. I however was unable to recreate this when trying to put them all back in the draw. ending up in bending the box and giving up and just chucking it all on my dressing table in a huff. When I ordered my Birch box I got the free gift of the benefit mascara. I’ve never tried benefit make up before, but I Loved this mascara! It came with a tinted primer, mascara and remover. Since having my individual lashes removed I’ve actually started using mascara again and find that some leave you with clumpy spiders webs for eyelashes and others barely leave a trace of having applied anything. The benefit kit however was brilliant. I’m not entirely sure whether the primer was a big factor in this but It’s definitely something I’m going to try with other mascara’s to see if it makes a difference.
Anatomicals Foot CreamAnatomicals foot cream I loved this stuff! I even made Tom feel my feet after! I abuse my feet, I never really look after them. I rarely paint my toe nails. Unless I’m going on holiday and that’s only because I feel like I have too. I literally do the bare minimum. It’s probably got something to do with my fear pure hatred of feet but I knew I was going to have to give this a try and I actually loved how soft my feet felt! It’s not something I have done every day or after every shower but It’s definitely something I will do once a week! I highly recommend this, I don’t love the smell of the cream but I’m sure others do. It’s also quite reasonably priced!

Amika– Dry shampoo. Okay so being real here, I have a two year old. I work. I like to beimg_3843 out doing things. I don’t always have time to wash my hair, so to me dry shampoo can be the Holy grail of the day. When your running 15 minutes late, your up to your elbows in toddler shit, trying to get them in the bath as their nappy has exploded all up their back. You manage to clean them up. Stop the dog from eating their shitting nappy take it out to the wheelie bin and you catch a glimpse in the mirror to see that your hair probably isn’t seeing the best day, and sporting a bun is going to make you look like a reject from benefits street you’ve got to hand it to the dry shampoo. You rock! I had never heard of Amika, but after using it I thought it was brilliant! No white Talcum powder look left in your roots,  and it didn’t leave your hair feeling clumpy after a couple of hours. However at £20 a can I think I’ll stick with batiste or maybe just get up a bit earlier and have shower.. pfft yeah right!
Balance me Micellar WaterBalanceme– Micellar Water. I hated it. Brutal honesty is key here. It stank. It left my face feeling awful. I actually had to wash my face afterwards it was so nasty. It felt as though it had ripped all the moisture out of my skin entirely. I would rather do another black face mask than this! The bottles application wasn’t any good, it would have been better with some form of pump or smaller hole so you didn’t end up drenching your feet as you pour it on to the cotton pad (Yeah I did that) The chamomile in it is suppose to soothe redness. I didn’t really notice any difference but then again I had to wash my face after using this. I think I will stick to my usual Garnier micellar water

Eyebrow Brush This I believe is just Birch box’s own brush and at £3.99 its not all bad. Nothing outstanding about it, but then again nothing terrible. It with held the test of the two year old that enjoys brushing the dog with my make up brushes. Hence why I am constantly buying new Eyebrow brush and Pop eyeshadowbrushes if they get destroyed either that or my brushes are always being deep cleaned in the bathroom. *Inset sarcastic tone* Thanks Lincoln sweetheart your a star.

Pop beauty This eyeshadow is really nice, It went on really well, came off really well. It didn’t last as long as I had hoped but then not a lot of eyeshadow’s do with me. It is suppose to double as a liner… Im not so convinced but as an eyeshadow its really nice. the samples were lovely colors that complimented one another well. The samples I had weren’t really my coloring but still they were nice enough. I totally forgot to take a picture of what they came out like! but they were really good! 

Benefit GoGo tintYou can also see that in my box I got the Benefit Go-Go tint I haven’t had a chance to try it with working all week and getting home the last thing I think of doing is putting on a bit of lip stain. But as soon as I do I will update this.

Its Now officially August. I will have a two year old in 2 weeks time! Flipping heck! and The next two boxes are on their way to me already! sit tight and wait for the next up date. Soon I will be whittling it down to just the one box with a monthly update.
For those of you that might want to invest in their own Birch box monthly experience. The link below will give you £5 off your first box! give it a try!

Birchbox £5 off

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