Dirty Dancing Live 

These past two weeks have been horrendously manic! With working full time whilst is on holiday and making sure our lives don’t fall apart in the process is actually really hard work! In those two weeks I don’t think I have ever missed Lincoln so much! I value my days off with him so much! And not having that was so difficult but we got their! 

Back in May however Tori and I booked tickets to go and see Dirty Dancing Live! We’ve recently started going out on a more regular basis and spending quality cousin time together 💕

It felt like ages away for so long and then suddenly it was here! We booked the tickets at the Princess Royal Theatre in Torquay. It was so pretty and right on the harbour so just before we were going in the sun was setting and it looked incredible! 😍 We we’re going to go out for a meal but in the end we went to Sainsbury’s grabbed loads of snacks and had a picnic and a gossip in the car 🚗 

I’ve seen and loved the film and 6-7 years ago I took my mum to see Dirty Dancing at the Bristol hippodrome and fell in love with it even more! It’s a real classic, and really gives you all those heart pounding goosebumpy feels 💋 

The show was once again fantastic, the singing was incredible and it has left me wishing I could dance like that although with my two left feet I would be better off just carrying the watermelon 🍉 

We had the back row seats and you could still see everything perfectly! Their were 2 downsides first was how hot it got up their! I was sweating! White jeans and a knitted jumper was not a good idea 💡 note to self dress for 30’c plus! And the girl I was sat next too decided to dress in her biggest frilliest top! This top had frills coming off of other frills so every time she moved I got knocked out by the shear amount of frill in my face. Hideous top! Must find and burn all other frilly tops to prevent this happening again! 

All in all we had an amazing night and are now looking to plan and book our next cousin date any suggestions would be amazing❤️ sometimes your family make the best of friends 💕 

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