August Birchbox

I’m getting really crap at reviewing my boxes as soon as I get them! I have been working full time for the last two weeks and it has totally thrown me off. I spent all day yesterday convinced it was saturday! Even now I’ve just been distracted from writing because I have noticed Lincoln has drawn in purple pen in-between the keys of my laptop!!! Where did he even get a purple pen too?!

I digress… So this months arrival was an exciting one. I am totally mad as I forgot to take photos of the Beautiful mermaid box it arrived in so I’ve had to steal one from the website! It honestly was soooo pretty! 

So this one arrived before my Glossybox which is the opposite to last month. So I got my usual email with the tracking information for my birch box which is great! I was stuck at work but my neighbour thankfully took it in for me! So no rush to try and get to the post office after work when you know 9 times out of 10 you aren’t going to make it.

img_4013Back to the box. In every box at the moment you get a Spectrum brush! I am slowly coming to love these brushes the colours are so pretty and the brushes are actually pretty good! I’ve noticed with these you don’t get much ‘shedding’ I don’t find the odd random brush strand attached to my face half way through doing my make up which is always a bonus!

My next favourite is the NUXE multi purpose dry oil. I loved this, It smells beautiful! andimg_4058 leaves such a subtle glimmer! Im not much of a glitter girl.. Don’t get me wrong I love glitter! I love everything covered in glitter. However Im not one to roll in the stuff like a pig in shit. This how ever just left a really beautiful glow on my skin and really improved my dry skin around my knees and elbows. I’m so tempted to buy some for the winter season to have that summer glow all year round. But at £20.00 for a 50ml bottle I may have to wait and ask for it for Christmas.

The Number 4 Sugar Spray Sugar seems to be a popular thing nowadays with Sugar scrubs and balms and now a sugar hairimg_4010spray It must be doing some good other than tasting great. Following the instructions on the label I sprayed through my hair after a shower and left over night to air dry, You can also use with a diffuser when drying. My hair has a natural and very uncooperative wave to it so on the odd occasion I may get some nice waves. This spray really helped aid that and added so much volume to my hair. It was really great, until the following day when it left my hair feeling heavy and greasy. I don’t tend to wash my hair daily as it dries all the natural moisture but after using this I definitely had to!


LOC one and done shadow stick. This stuff totally does not agree with me. I have what I look folding eyelids, so anything slightly greasy on my eyes will quickly slide off or end up with a massive crease mark and look hideous. This did the usual after a few hours. The colour came out really nice and would make for a really nice smokey eye but just not for me. The only thing that kind of annoyed me with this is it stated up to 11 hours of creaseless waterproof colour in one swipe. That did not happen! 


Whish Mud Mask I love face masks! Their is nothing I love more than relaxing and having a good face mask and a wind down. This was really fun to do and was just like any other mask, Only difference being that you don’t leave this on for half as long as you would any other. They recommend a maximum of 2 minutes or start with 15 seconds for sensitive skin. It did leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I have noticed an immediate difference and I probably won’t buy anymore but It was nice to do all the same. 

This box was brilliant and I loved so many of the products. These boxes are so much fun to get and use and really opens your eyes to all the different products available! I have no idea how I’m going to be able to pick between the 2! I’ve also been updating my profile on Birchbox and have been awarded points already to go toward any future purchases on the website! 

Now to await the Glossybox arrivals.

Don’t forget you can sign up for your own monthly Birchbox using the link below!

One Girl Big World


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