August Glossybox

This time I have actually managed to do this one in reasonable timing!
Glossy box has once again pulled out all the stops. The box is so pretty and the bits inside are even prettier! I think this box is going to be the last summer box of the year now that we are slowly heading in to autumn. The weather is certainly showing us it’s ready for the leaves to turn brown and the nights to draw in. Hopefully we get a few more sunny days in before Autumn shows its face. Not that I am complaining Autumn/ Winter is my favorite time of year! 

This box is all about summer and glitter and it is a well put together box! Very festival like! The samples are the biggest samples I have had so far!

First up is the cute little elastic bracelet with Aloha written on it. I love these sort of Bracelet/bands. I’ve actually recently bought some similar to this but that is for another post.

Next up is the Safari Sun Bronzer, I’m not much of a bronzer girl, I can’t say I ever really use it, I’m more of a contour kind of girl. I did give this a try and I loved the results! It’s not something I would use on a daily basis but it does give you a beautiful sun kissed glow and the leopard pattern is gorgeous! I’m utterly in love with it! The other great thing with this is little goes a long way so you really dont have to over do it. Where as i find with some of my contour palettes you’ve really got to rub the brush in to get any kind of result.

The Essence Live laugh celebrate eyeshadow Is stunning! The colour samples are amazing! The packaging is even better! I honestly love these eye shadows and you get so much for just a sample! The silver is definitely my favorite its so sparkly and I’ve even used it with my highlighter for extra sparkle!

Batiste this samples is a product I use on a regular basis and love so having a sample sent through is even better! This is slightly different variation to what I use and is a 2 in 1 dry shampoo and conditioner! I can’t notice a massive difference in the one I use already but it smells amazing! And has left my hair with a lovely feeling of cleanliness when their is no time for a shower!


Suede Lip Radial Lip crayon, I’m not a fan. The colour is beautiful and really does suit mebut it left my lips feeling dry and cracked within minutes of having it on! I really want to like these matte lips but they literally make my lips feel like I’m in the sahara desert!

 Last but not least is the Ice Hair Mask, I used this today, when it comes to this product I am sat so much on the fence I have splinters! I used to for the recommended 3-5 minutes and it left my hair feeling amazing! It really did do a good job, the only down side which is what has left me on the fence is the smell! It’s a cross between a mans lynx shower gel and the black ice car air freshner! It’s awful! I’m actually sat smelling my hair and debating washing it again just to rid the smell! Hair smell is important to me, I swear by spraying perfume in your hair to give an added enhancement but this is hideous. 

This months box was another success and my beauty obsession is getting way out of hand I actually have to get a storage unit as my dressing table is starting to look so cluttered! But I am in no way complaining! 

Until next time 

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