I have a 2 year old.

How is it even possible? How is my baby 2? My 7lb9oz squishy little baby is 2! How has so much happened in those two little years he has been on this earth!
Lincolns birthday fell on a Tuesday this year so the weekend before his birthday he had a little birthday party at our home with my mums side of the family on the Saturday. Its always great to get the family together. Their is always so many of us it isn’t easy to get us all in one place at a time but most of the family turned up which was so nice! The kids wore themselves out really well and everyone got to have a natter and some party food! My mum is the real hero in all of this! she came down Thursday night. Blitzed the house from top to bottom (As mums do) and then created the most beautiful party buffet! Everyone absolutely loved the food! Lincoln is so lucky to have such a big and loving family. He was spoilt with Presents and cards and ended up fast asleep on the sofa once everybody had left. So I made the most of the peace and quiet and got to watch a couple episodes of my new show Shadow Hunters.

On the sunday was Grandad and Nana Nickys turn. We originally wanted to go to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm but were disappointed to know they are shut on sundays!! We did question whether the animals go to church on a sunday? But I’m not sure if they could all fit. The amount of money they most loose by shutting on a sunday is ridiculous. So we went in the opposite direction and to the Dartmoor Zoo, where the film We bought a zoo is based on. Lincoln and I are probably the only people to have not seen that film but we enjoyed the zoo all the same!

Its a really good day out! Their is a massive selection of animals and the more tame ones you can go in the pen with, Lincoln really enjoyed chasing the gineau fowl and we got to touch goats. Although I was absolutely terrified! i like to think I’m Dr Dolittle of animals and can tell when they are sad or what they are thinking yet I am terrified of them and I struggled to stroke a goat! It makes no sense but It works for me. Maybe Vet isn’t in my future. We had another amazing picnic filled with all sorts of treats! Days out with Nana and Grandad are always great as their is always lots of chocolate! Grandad wasn’t so happy with Lincoln emptying an entire bag of crisps on his back seats and then trying to steal a ridiculous amount of chicken slices!
Its lots of fun for everyone, Its not massively big and is on a really steep hill but the talks on the animals were amazing to hear and the little quiz you get given was great fun to do. Even if we did get a little competitive.

At this point I was still okay with the idea of him turning two. Then tuesday came and that flew right out the window. I sent him to nursery as usual. He went in so well and waved goodbye and as I got in the car to drive to work. I cried. I wasn’t expecting it at all in fact I kind of shocked myself a bit. I didn’t cry when he turned one. He’s going to have a birthday every year so why was I crying now? Before Lincoln my life was normal, average, nothing overly interesting. In the past two years he has been their through every high and low. Through every tear and smile. And no matter how many years we go through together he will always be my baby. He was the one I snuggled late at night after a rough day. His smile is what I look forward to when working. I’ve watched him grow. I’ve helped teach him to walk and say please and thank you. Their are a million other things that I have to teach him yet but this last year has been so tough on us both that his Second birthday milestone was one of the biggest yet. After sorting my shit and pulling myself together I managed to make it to work and in the evening we went to my dads for the best roast dinner on this planet! and for Linky to have presents and cake. Which he did! He had a whole lot of cake!

He is such a lucky boy and has been so spoilt and I am the luckiest mummy in the world to have him.
Now to enjoy the next year of the terrible twos! GREEAAATTTT!!!!


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