Must of missed the memo

Their are hundreds of thousands of great reasons for being a parent, things that make you thankful day in and day out for that beautiful little life you created. But their are also many reasons that exhaust you as a parent, that drain you, that make you want to rip your hair out.

Today is Sunday… Lincoln is extremely unaware of this after waking up at 4.15am and sitting next  to me in bed and stroking my hair. This would have been really sweet and loving but when your half asleep and look up to find a toddler with a handful of your hair looking over you like they’ve just murdered a flock of sheep for the fun of it you can’t help but jump a little. I jumped a lot! And that was that we were both awake for the day so the only reasonable thing to do is doze in bed whilst watching paw patrol. (We’re currently on a house ban of Peppa Pig, no longer will we be subject to the teachings of such a bratty little pig)  By doze in bed I mean Lincoln fidgeting constantly with eyes glued to the tele so it looks like he’s totally unaware that you’ve just punctured your mothers spleen with your big toe… yeah thanks Lincoln 😒

We’ve had a really busy week, with work, Lincoln’s Birthday, trying to keep some form of social life, Lincoln having his settling in days at his new nursery and the episode of both Lincoln and the dog deciding to wear half a pot of sudocrem things have been hectic to say the least. A lazy Sunday would have been great however it turns out that 2 year olds missed the memo on that one 😏 But when you finally get up and take them down for ‘fret fret’ (that’s breakfast in our house) and you hand them a bowl of frosted shredded. It happened the first time Lincoln has ever looked up at me and said Thank you Mummy I love you 😍 oh god my heart melted I forgot it was Sunday I forgot it was quarter to 6. My heart just filled with joy. And then he promptly ‘accidently’ tipped the cereal all over my bare feet.

I can only hope everyone else is having a great Sunday morning.



2 thoughts on “Must of missed the memo

  1. Oh bless, yes my 4 year old waltzed into the bedroom at I dont know what o’clock it was, but it was dark early. I sent him straight back to bed, not before he had woken the baby who had already been up several times in the night. Why?!?! Then they say they love you and all is forgotten until the next time hahaha! #twinklytuesday

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  2. Oh dear! We can be so fruaght one minute and the next they are just the most wonderful being! That’s parenting. Also, Peppa is a total brat isn’t she?! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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