Busy-ness keeps me going.


This week has been utter madness. I cannot explain how good it feels to take 5 minutes to write a post, Monsters Inc is playing, I get the odd ‘MUMMY’ whilst thrusting a fire engine in my face but that’s okay. This is the first 5 minutes I have had to even think about writing down what we have been up to! I would love to say thank god it’s bank holiday weekend, but this generally means one more busy day to add to the weekend. But If i wasn’t kept busy I would have time to start thinking about the fact that I received the date through for my surgery this week. 13th September! Luckily this is a wednesday not a Friday! But if anybody out their is superstitious of the number 13. Please keep all thoughts to yourself. 


We haven’t stopped this week, among working and trying to keep our house in some form of tidiness, this week I went to view a couple venues. I’m 99% sure I have found the one, and I’m not talking about Tom. This one venue that I went to view has been my utter dream! I have never planned to get married before and a wedding is not something I have ever really thought about (even as a young girl) until recently but after attending a wedding here a few years ago I fell in love and after my meeting with one of the girls their I got the feeling, not just for the venue but the potential it had. As much as I don’t want to get my hopes up, because Tom could potentially hate it. I’m taking him and my Mum along in a couple weeks time once Mother is back from Tenerife to make sure Tom loves it. Maybe not as much as I do but can at least potentially see it as the place we wed. The best part is our date is possible it’s just a matter of paying the deposit to get confirmation. Then we are all systems go.


Thursday was an absolute horrendously manic day but we had so much fun! We went to the Devon Railway Centre in Tiverton. We were so lucky with the weather. Once we arrived I did think it was going to rain but it turned out to be a stunning day! Lincoln and I went with our cousin Kirsty and her 3 boys Luke, James and little Reggie Roo. All the boys were so well behaved and we had an amazing day!
The railway centre isn’t massive but has different things to do. you can ride on both the steam train and the narrow gauge railway as many times as you like. The boys all loved it as well as the magic wood filled with garden gnomes you rode around.
They had soft play areas which was great for all ages and an indoor model railways with play zones. It really was a great day out and for the price of £8.10 an adult it was worth every penny!


After our day out we came home to go and collect our new car! We hadn’t mentioned the new car to anyone It was something we have both been thinking about for some time and finally came across one that we fell in love with! Luckily it was just up the road from us too. We’ve both loved our cars but the Seat was a little to boring for us and with multiple things not being quite right on it we decided for a change. We bought a Ford Focus Zetec S. After both having quick and ‘sporty’ looking cars and then going to something standard we wanted that back but with the luxuries of a family car. With the Ford we get the spacious boot and the gadgets inside with the sporty look of the Zetec S. Best of both worlds. Although we more than likely will end up having a little play and making it a bit more us. So after picking the new car up we went on a drive down to weymouth. We stopped to get KFC and then headed home. (With a little mishap in between that won’t be mentioned- Well done Tom) 

Today has been another busy day for Lincoln and I again. img_4551This morning Lincoln went off with his Nana, Auntie Ellie, Uncle Ethan and Rupert to the Ferne Animal Sanctuary, whilst I ran errands and got other bits done then it was off to the hairdressers for Lincoln. The hairdressers is always an absolute nightmare. I would rather go to the dentist than take Lincoln to have his haircut. Although todays trip was a good 6/10 compared to the usual 2/10 where I end up wearing 100% of his hair thats been cut as well as having to pretty much pin him down! The girls at Mane Attraction In yeovil were excellent! They were so patient and accommodating! Lincoln even got to sit in the car! and managed to get two lollies out of them! After a nap in the car and a bath once we were home we got to where we are now. In our comfiest clothes laid out on the sofa with a joint of gammon in the oven roasting. Having finished off making the bridesmaid boxes (Sorry girls still got to wait to find out about those) We are having some ‘quiet time’ by that I mean I have a coffee and their is some hideous animal character talking utter toddler mesmerising shite on the tele. All before the madness of tea time begins.


More about our busy weekend ahead to come!

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