Bicycles, Rocks, Nose bleeds and Pasties. 

Sunday, day of rest I hear. Not this Sunday! 

To begin we started this Sunday with the sounds of Taylor swift and some ‘noughties’ beats as we travelled down to Harlyn Beach with the sun shining, Ellie riding shot gun and Lincoln snoring in the back. 

After sitting in the lane complaining about the pathetic excuse for roads through the majority of Cornwall and how the traffic was ridiculous getting in to the car park we finally found dad and Nicky walking up the field to find the cars. Now bearing in mind we left nearly an hour after George and stopped for fuel and drinks we still managed to get their before him… this wasn’t due to excessive speed. This was due to George’s massive detour that took him via Plymouth 😂 apparently his navigational skills aren’t quite up to scratch 😂. So we parked George finally arrived and we headed to get ready for our coasteering adventure. Anyone that doesn’t know what coasteering is, well you are in the exact same boat as I was! I thought we would just be doing a bit of swimming and a couple jumps nothing too excessive. I was wrong. Very wrong! 

On the lead up to our coasteering I refused to google or investigate anything to do with it as I didn’t want to talk myself out of it! I’m all for reaching out of comfort zones and having new adventures so I was going to get stuck in, even if it killed me! Dad had managed to convince George and I to go coasteering with him and Nicky and Ellie was amazing enough to take Lincoln on the beach for the couple of hours we were gone. It certainly looks like Lincoln had a great time with his Auntie Ellie. 

We got ready, we’re given our Gear- wetsuit (Getting in to one of these was a work out in itself!) Rashy vest, buoyancy aid and helmets. We looked hilarious but we were safe! And heading off on our five minute walk to the rocks. The sun was hot but it was a beautiful day! We really were lucky with the weather! 

Our first little jump was straight in to a plunge pool roughly 7foot deep. I wasn’t keen at all. One thing I forgot to mention. I haven’t been in the sea for the last 10 years at a minimum! And even when we’ve been swimming I haven’t dived or jumped in so even this tiny plunge pool was a massive thing for me! Our guides were excellent! Talked us through everything and gave us all the courage to get stuck in! First jump done and I had survived! On to the next one. Whilst climbing out of the plunge pool and waiting our next instruction I noticed the group of weathered coasteerers lingering in the water watching all these newbies. I could not back out now! So here’s me thinking the highest jump would only be a couple foot. 

PAHAHAHA yeah right, our next climb took us up to the top of what seemed like Mount Everest and then the guides tell you to jump in front of everyone. Greaaaat! So a couple go down, Dad goes no issues, Then it’s my turn and I did it! I jumped from the higher point! I hit the water and come back up to what I thought was going to be cheers of excitement, nope I get the look of pure horror! I was confused as too why dad of all people hadn’t cheered! Then all I’m being told is too wipe my face! Pure panic took over, I had a nose bleed! A fricking nose bleed! I haven’t had a nose bleed since primary school! I was fine I felt fine my only panic was that the waves that kept pulling me back and forth from the rocks I was trying to climb out of and I had everyone telling me to dunk my head under the water, well that wasn’t going to happen! So I scrambled out reassessed my nose bleed, and up I went I was doing the jump again! I had a complete rush of adrenaline crossed with the desperation of not letting myself give up! 

As you can see Dads Go Pro gets the best shots

So after the trauma we headed along the coast, enjoying the jumps and scrambling across rocks when we came to a place that I vaguely remember being called spider pool or spider something, the pool itself was quite large and at the bottom had a 25 metre long tunnel that went out to the sea! After several attempts at trying to see George stood on my shoulders and pushed me down to see this tunnel and it was incredible! Absolutely amazing! Their were shoals of fish swimming around and then this beautiful white sand laid in the bottom of this clear sea! It was stunning! It was nothing like being in your typical murky watered English beach! It really was amazing! I could almost say it’s given me the bug of wanting to do so many more things like this! And as soon as Lincoln is old enough and confident enough I will be encouraging him to do so many activities like this! It really was incredible! And I cannot wait to do it again… maybe minus the blood? 

After a master of all face plants (George) and the Ass Slap of the century (Nicky) we headed back to the van and changed ready for our next activity! I did have to make a quick shop stop and bought my self a cute Harlyn Surf School jumper as a momento to our day! 

We were in the car and on our way to Wadebridge! Many of you would of heard of the Camel Trail, a bike ride in Cornwall. I’m also sure many of you will know I am the worst bike rider in the world! I lack balance and height and these things are rather important, however once again I gave it a go I tried my hardest. I nearly left Lincoln in padstow but we made it! We travelled 5 miles to Padstow and then back another 5 miles with a Pasty and Pancake stop in between! 

Now I would love to say that the entire bike ride was amazing and getting Lincoln on a bike for the first time was a magical experience. If I said that it would be utter bullshit. I got stuck with the terror of all time! After his almighty bitch fit at having to wear a helmet, we got on our way and he was doing well, he loves being with family and loved looking at them leaning over the edge so it threw my balance right off I was wobbling all over the place and then he decides it would be fun to start lifting my top up, we’re not even a mile in at this point and my t shirt is being used as a blanket! This would have been fine once or twice but for the next 4 miles we had the task of distraction as well as cycling!


After a quick stop for a Pasty and A Pancake we cycled back and got to see such a beautiful sight of the sun setting across Padstow and Wadebridge. I love Cornwall I always have and this just consolidates it to me how lucky we are to only be a couple hours away from such a stunning place! And having mum live on the border makes it even better! 

I cannot Thank my Pappa Bear and Nicky for taking us to do these things and encouraging us to do different activities and They are constantly showing us that we really can do anything if we put our mind to it! I can only hope that I can continue this on to Lincoln so he can see and do all the things he could ever dream of and more.

We are now seriously looking in to getting some bikes (maybe one that doesn’t make my ass feel like it’s been kicked extremely hard!) and being able to take the dog and the toddler off for some great rides! (All flat I hope 🤞) and although I know I will never get Tom in to coasteering I hope to drag him along to a couple more adventures and keep up my enthusiasm of getting stuck in. Hopefully with less blood involved, but where’s the fun in that?! 

One Girl Big World

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