Piccolo Walk and Wean.

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If anyone has been following my Instagram stories you will have probably seen that we took a trip to one of our local supermarkets after being invited along to the Piccolo walk and wean meet.
After receiving a lovely email inviting Lincoln and I along we had been looking forward to this for a couple weeks. Since Lincoln was one of the oldest their a lot of it didn’t really apply to us as weaning seems like a lifetime ago. The trials and tribulations of him wearing more food than eating are long behind us (Although he does wear an awful lot of it still) However it was still really interesting and a lot of what I learnt today I can incorporate with Lincoln’s food as well as our own and any future babies we may have.img_4622

Piccolo is a small company that originated on Mediterranean values and healthy living. They created a whole bunch of recipes that were full of nutrition and healthy foods, that tasted good for your little one and created some great puree’s. They also work alongside different foundations and charities to give back to the community which helps families provide good and healthy food for all.img_4624

We met with Alice who talked us through all the aspects of giving your baby a variety of foods even some you would have previously been told not to and gave us lots of different ideas when it comes to creating recipes that even we can enjoy. Something that I took away from today is that sometimes switching to the ‘Light’ versions isn’t always a good thing, Although the fat content may be lower the Sugar content can double! I always switch to the light version on so many things for myself and occasionally for Lincoln. Alice also talked us through looking at the labels better so you can get an understanding of what that food generally contains and the levels of those items. Something I will definitely be doing in future.img_4623

I have to apologise to all of the Mums that attended. My child was an absolute demon. The entire time! We are at a stage where his naps are pretty much non existent. Which in turn create this absolute monster of a child, who has absolutely no attention span. He doesn’t want to do anything we are suppose to be doing in turn he would rather have Bitch fits and make life with a toddler that little bit harder!


After going through a pot of fruit and bag of dried fruit, watching peppa pig and then wanting to watch paw patrol, trying to grab items off the shelf, chewing my jumper, trying to jump out of the trolley seat, the trolley itself and my arms to then throwing himself on the floor its safe to say This afternoon I am exhausted. We annoyingly also had to leave early before getting a chance to have a proper chat with Alice because apparently he wanted to top the session off with a nice poo explosion. But that is the joy of a two year old.

img_4626We did however get some lovely goodies inside our bag aswell as getting to taste some of the puree range. Lincoln doesn’t really have puree anymore but the raspberry and apple went down an absolute treat! As much as it is for younger babies. We will more than likely use this in his yoghurts and porridge as he loved it so much!
Also inside the bag is some information for me. Including a herbs sheet a couple recipes and my favourite has to be the Vegetable and herb wheel! This is so useful not just for Lincoln but for Tom and I as well, I also struggle pairing herbs and usually just wing it and chuck in whatever is on hand so its lovely to see what goes well with one another!img_4628

This was a great experience for myself even if Lincoln was terrible the entire time! We will definitely be following up on our Piccolo journey of experiencing more flavours in our food and making some of the recipes we were given!
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5 thoughts on “Piccolo Walk and Wean.

  1. Oh goodness, I can only imagine that my boys would be like this too! I really must try this company as i keep seeing them mentioned and we are well into the weaning stage now! Also, Zach (aged 5) loves to try Oscar’s pureed fruits haha! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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