The University Survival Kit.

The results are in. After months of revising and working super hard my extremely clever little sister got in to her University of choice! Look out southampton she’s on her way!

I have never seen someone want something so much and work endlessly to get it! Ellie has worked so freaking hard to get to where she is and the grades that she got reflects just how much her hard work has paid off. With a majority of A’s, she soon received confirmation to study her chosen subjects at the Russell Group University of Southampton.
So many times we would be having our weekly family dinner and both before and after eating she would have her head in her revision notes. Sometimes even including us in it. She really deserves this! And I could not be any prouder! I know as a family we are all bursting with pride at how well she has done and are so excited for her to start this next chapter of her life.

So as a little parting gift for her adventures to university I created a little bucket full of goodies- A small survival kit. I’ve never been to university, It was never something that interested me at the time and I didn’t have the intelligence to get that far. However many of my friends have been and you hear the war stores and the victories of the freshers week and all that comes after.img_4391
Ellie is Lincolns favourite auntie. No matter where we go or what we do, If Ellie is their, Nobody else matters! and I think its safe to say Lincoln is possibly Ellie’s favourite person in the entire world. She quite literally adores him, although southampton isn’t that far, It’s far enough that they are going to miss each other massively! So first on our list was a photo frame Ellie could take with her and put up in her room of herself and her favourite little man.img_4390
I then went for a couple bits that, whether your going to Uni or just moving in to a new house It’s always nice to have some new things, Lincoln and I went off for the day and started putting together these bits. We found a mug with an E and a matching candle- because you can never have too many candles! A microwavable noodlebowl/jug- Perfect for students that don’t cook. Quite recently on the radio their was a girl who won an amount of money for the most dirtiest/disgusting room. Her dad entered her dorm room in and unsurprisingly she won! So that gives me the impression that Uni isn’t about being particularly house proud- Unlike a lot of us Mummas out there. Now I can only imagine the length of time things go with out being washed up with hard cold dried up food stuck to plates your trusty companion will always be the scrubbing brush.


Now on to the food. Everyone knows how it goes, when it comes to uni. Food shopping or eating isn’t very high on the agenda. Everyone is either too busy studying or too hungover to contemplate cooking a good meal and the likelihood of students being able to afford to eat out every single night isn’t very likely so I packed in to the bucket some “Essentials”
Nutella- Because well this is Ellie, their is no life without Nutella
Whitworths Shots- For that quick munch as she runs out the door.
Supernoodles- She’s a student what else will she really eat?
Porridge sachets- If in the unlikely event they have milk thats still fresh, Its always good to have breakfast!
Lollipops- Why the hell not?
Extra big bag of kettle chips & a bag of popcorn- These I believe will be a great option on multiple occasions -The hanging so far out of her asshole after a night of doing bellybutton shots in the local pub/club and its the only thing she can reach without spewing Or when they have got home from a shit night out, things haven’t gone as planned as she does what every girl (and man in my dads case) should do, get in to bed, put on Notting hill and quote every line you can, as you feast your face off.img_4388

I can only wish her the greatest luck in everything she does in Uni and as excited as we all are for her to go and explore, We are also so sad to see her go and not be their to witness the inevitable changes that will happen as she ventures out on her own.

Good Luck Girl, You are going to smash it. We have every faith in you. And will be down for some shopping soon!

One Girl Big World


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