Does my boy have an allergy? 

For a couple months now we’ve been fighting the same battle with Lincoln. What started out as just rosy cheeks to very late teething Lincolns had all his teeth for a while now. We (albeit extremely slowly) realised was actually an allergic reaction.

When we first noticed it wasn’t just rosy cheeks.

The next issue was, what was causing this? He’s 2 and eats really well so what could be causing this? I only really noticed it being a rash rather than just rosy cheeks shortly after he ate a peach and a bowl of strawberries and thought with it Being summer, lots of fruits are in season Strawberries being his favourite fruit and a known high allergen we quickly put a stop to all fruit as a precaution to see if this made a difference. I felt terrible stopping fruit! So many parents struggle to get their children to eat anything that’s notbeige coloured and here’s me stopping him eating fruit! What a traitor to all fruit and veg fighting mothers!

Two weeks fruit free and the rash was still there!  So we re-envoked the fruit eating and continued to scratch our heads in confusion. We tried different creams- sudocrem being the best soother of the bright red patches on his poor little face that were slowly become more sore and itchy. Over night the redness would almost be gone but by breakfast it was back again! We started putting more pieces of the puzzle together. Lincoln has had poor nappies, he is very regular in his poos usually once a day although for sometime now the consistency is never solid, I never thought twice because it was always like this?

Our family haven’t got any specific allergies, no diagnosed allergies and definitely no anaphylactics so I was really struggling to narrow things down. Until the silliest thing happened, we ran out of milk. Lincoln has been on full fat cows milk since 8 months old. Slowly cutting his own bottles out until now when he very occasionally asks or a bottle of milk or milkshake. However he does have milk in his cereal every morning, he is an absolute cheese fiend and if given the option he would eat nothing but yoghurts. So the one morning we give him toast after yet another night of slathering his face in sudocrem the redness stays away.

The one morning he had toast the red patches stayed away past breakfast! He spent the morning with daddy who let him have a kinder bueno chocolate bar a peice of heaven and within minutes his face looked like a red stop light! Had we cracked it?! Was it chocolate? Was it dairy? Only time will tell!

We are now just finishing our first week of Lincoln having a dairy free diet! His face as pretty much healed entirely and is no longer red raw! His nappies are slowly improving. Although mummy made one little slip up. Possibly the stupidest slip up possible. I put Dairylea spreadable in his sandwich. Nice one Leah as if th name doesn’t give away the contents! And although not as intense the redness had returned for the day.

After a bit of dairylea

So fingers crossed we have cracked the issue, we have been supplementing him with soya milk and using the Alpro soya chocolate yoghurts although I need to find him some dairy free fruit yoghurts that he can take to nursery with him. I’ve never really been one to look at labels but I suddenly find myself stood in the aisles of Asda reading the labels feeling like a right nerd 🤓

Your also probably wondering why I never took him to the doctors straight away?

I don’t believe in wasting doctors time unless it is something serious, (I’d like to point out that had he gone in to anaphylactic shock or it had created such a problem that he was in intense pain that nothing I done could fix I would have taken him instantly) I was also aware that even if I did take him to the doctors they would of asked me to have done all of the things I was capable of doing without having to be prompted by the doctor. Hundreds of thousands of pounds are wasted daily by patients not using their initiative and ruling out what you can at home before taking the next step. I also love being a bit of a detect and figuring out what’s causing what (this must be my inner Greys Anatomy fanatic coming out)

So we are now slowly going on to week 2 of dairy free and will hope to see even more improvements! Then we will consider slowly introducing dairy items- cheese, yoghurts and see if we can really narrow down which it ms cause the issue bye bye dairylea. 

The Tactical Mummy

9 thoughts on “Does my boy have an allergy? 

  1. You did the right thing by not bothering with the doctors, as you said they’d only have told you to do all the things that you’d done anyway. It’s as much a process of elimination for them as it is for you. Me and my wife are the same, we never rush to the doctor at the first sign of a rash or a high temperature, most things pass within 24hrs or can be helped with advice from the pharmacist. Hope the dairy-free works for you!

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    1. Thank you, I hate wasting their time for something I can take care of at home! Admittedly we have been in hospital a few times with the terror. With convulsions etc which has always been an awful experience but I don’t want him to grow up with the mindset that at the sight of a runny nose he is to go straight to the doctors.
      Dairy free seems to be working for now! we will have to see how he continues. Annoyingly he has woken up with yet another possible ear infection but I have read recently that this can be a consequence of the Dairy allergy!

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  2. I agree about the doctors. Toddlers always seem to be developing some kind of rash. I do the glass test and then monitor for 24 hours before rushing off to the doc. I read somewhere that each appointment costs the NHS something like £14! Anyhow I am so glad that you seem to be managing the problem and fingers crossed the dairy free continues to work. Thanks for supporting #TacticalTuesdays again this week and see you next time xxx

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    1. I read a similar thing and I refuse to waste valuable nhs money however sometimes needs must!
      The dairy free is working really well although we’ve now come up against another issue of Tomato ketchup! His favourite thing! Xxx


  3. We never rush to the doctor and to be honest I am a firm believer you know when our child really needs to see one. We found that out. However well done on the dective work. Our little lad was similar but his was his chin and chest and was his dribble from teething but that was trial and error before we were sure #tacticaltuesdays

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    1. I think a lot of things with kids are trial and error, I originally thought this was dribble rash but soon found out it wasn’t! We are hopefully getting somewhere and Lincoln spent a lot of time in and out of hospital before he was a year old with convulsions so i know what you mean, us parents just know when it’s time for the doctors xxx


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