Party and Presents

Yesterday was finally the Engagement party! After weeks of fretting and planning the evening finally arrived and we were extremely lucky to be surrounded by our closest friends and family. I can’t believe we didn’t really get any photos of the night!
We held our party at The Red House in Yeovil and it was stunning, their was a hog roast even though Tom & I never got a chance to eat any of it (I did manage to sneak a bit of crackling) but Everybody said how great it was! The room was beautifully decorated with fairy lights in the ceiling –my all time favourite thing. We also had a lady we found on Facebook make the most stunning cake for us.
Tom & I had an amazing evening I drunk far too much and suffered massively for it but it was totally worth every shot I was bought (Thanks George) and every drink I had topped up (Thanks Shane) We ended up dancing the night away.
One thing we wanted to do at the party was to ask some of our close friends and families to be our bridesmaids and groomsmen. We were so happy with how it went and I’m very excited for the next year of planning up to the day of our vows.

For the boys we had bought them each a bottle of drink with a personalised tag on it. These we found on ebay! They looked brilliant! img_4968
And for the girls I have mentioned a couple times before their little surprise boxes! After ages of putting these together I was so happy with how they turned out and hopefully the girls loved them too.
Inside them each of the older girls had a personalised champagne glass from The Glitter Emporium, a can of my favourite drink, a ‘bride tribe’ bracelet and a Top that I bought an iron on bride tribe print. for someone who doesn’t know how to use an iron I think it came out pretty well! I even done myself a ‘Bride’ one. The actual boxes we bought from the works and I used hobby craft spray paint to colour the boxes. And half of the garden. Chloe’s box was slightly different to the other girls and she got hers first as we didn’t tell her anything on the lead up to the party. Instead in her box she had a puzzle with ‘Chloe will you be our bridesmaid’ printed on it. Another great Ebay find! She was absolutely over the moon!


Hang over almost gone and with a long week ahead of us we’ve spent most of today snuggled up on the sofa after a lovely autumn walk with the dog.
One party down now to really get stuck in with this wedding planning!


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