Finding the perfect venue.

Wedding-Quotes-8-Golden-ring-in-a-chainAfter weeks of viewing venues and finding out different options and packages and quotes, we finally found the one. Admittedly it was one of our first choices when we initially started planning the wedding. And originally I viewed one venue in Taunton The woodlands castle and fell in love. It was stunning and beautiful and had more fairy lights than I could have ever dreamed of. They were really flexible and After receiving the quote and talking it through with Tom I painfully agreed to go and view other places. Even though I was 75% sure this was the place I wanted to marry.

I looked in to a couple other places. Received other quotes and found one that really stood out to me. It was extremely local. Less than a mile from our home. To add to the beauty of it, It was based on a working farm.
I had looked at different farms and barns and we both loved the idea of sticking to our somerset routes and this was one of our main attributes for our wedding. Pretty much putting the woodlands castle out of the running. And surprisingly I was okay with that. The more we talked about what we wanted and how we wanted our day, the more we narrowed down exactly what we wanted.


I finally went and met with Catherine at Frogmary Green Farm and I instantly knew this was the place. All of the food and drink is locally sourced and cooked in-house. With beautiful ponds and gardens surrounding and as we walked around the venue I could picture everything Tom and I had talked about happening. The options were endless and the visions of our wedding I was having were beautiful and so original. I went away and mulled it over for a couple weeks knowing I needed my mums perspective on the place. All the places I seen I knew I was always going to need someone else’s perspective to tell me I was dreaming or that actually it was perfect. On the Sunday after my surgery, Mum had come up to help with Lincoln and I managed to contact Catherine and have a quick viewing and that was when mum started putting in some incredible ideas and It became even more apparent that this was the place we were going to marry.


We finally booked our date and are now awaiting the email to pull together our plans and ideas. With little over a year to go our ideas are on full steam ahead and the 2am Pinterest trawling is in full action.
We’ve decided on a photographer and I’ve begun looking at dresses. Although the likelihood of narrowing it down any time soon is slim to none. I know full well thats going to be so much harder than finding a venue!


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