Mums with cameras

Recently I have taken a interest in photography. I love the way a photo looks, whether its of a person or a place, a flat lay or an animal. When I look at pictures I am so visually engaged I forget what has been written below. Often creating my own story to go with that photo.

The day I got my camera, The only person willing to work with me was bailey.

Photography itself has come so far. I remember being so little and always playing with my mums camera that you had to wait for the images to be developed. Whether it was selfies or random photos, as I’ve gotten older that interest has only grown. I’m in no way a professional or even close to becoming one. As much as I would love to take those beautiful out of focus images that have the lighting perfectly set for the image they are trying to achieve. I am lucky if I get Lincoln to say cheese at the right time. But still we went out and got me a camera after weeks of whinging about how crappy my iPhone camera is. Turns out when I smashed the screen on my iPhone it put a little tiny cram in the camera which in the wrong place/light can throw an entire image out. So I had a little look around and wanted something basic for beginners. Something I could learn to work with and even at the beginning get a decent photo out of.


With blogging I believe imagery is a massive part of engaging your audience and After speaking to a few other bloggers, knowing that I didn’t want to pay the earth for it I settled on the Sony Cybershot WX350. It was wifi enabled allowing my to seamlessly upload my photos from the camera to my phone or mac and had 20mp something over the years I’ve learnt is quite important. Initially I just played around at home. Taking photos of our day to day lives and enjoying some of the simpler features of this camera.


I am hoping that the more I do and the more I use the different features I will get the hang of it but as a starting camera I really cannot recommend this enough!

Here are some of my favourite photo’s I’ve captured in the last week or so.
Fingers crossed they will improve over time!


Our morning at Montacute house.

8 thoughts on “Mums with cameras

      1. Oh you will, just remember one thing, if you don’t print your photos (I recommend you do) always back them up, or you will end up with a surprising amount of your memories on fragile little SD cards that are very easy to lose!

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      2. Funny you should say that! My dad recently lost all of our family photos that were stored on his hard drive after an incident involving water, so now I’m super cautious with having everything on the cloud, as well as my laptop and my phone/sd card!


      3. I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope he can recover some of the images.

        Good luck with your photography ventures! You could always try what I’m doing… a 365 project. Pick the camera up at least once every day and see how your skills improve over the year!

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