Puxton Adventure Park

We were invited along to spend a day out at Puxton Adventure Park just outside of Weston Super Mare. We originally thought it was something we were going to save for a couple weeks time but judging by the weather we wanted to do it sooner rather than later. Admittedly from a couple people we had heard some negative reviews, but we were so pleasantly surprised!

After a short journey down the motorway we were at Puxton. We live roughly 40 miles away from the park and had never been! We are always looking for new days out so we were really excited to be giving Puxton a try. I had looked on the website the previous night and thought it looked right up our street, filled with animals and tractors. Nothing more could have grabbed Lincoln’s attention if it tried (Well, maybe if it was covered in chocolate?)

Luckily we were some of the first to arrive, no queues! As much as this usually tends to worry me. No queues to me usually means No Good. But it also means happy Lincoln! We got in and the first thing Lincoln was drawn to was the ‘See See’- Horsey. At £1 a go I was happier to have given him a ‘see see’ ride myself! A quick exit from the see see’s, Lincoln was on the move in complete awe of the Tractors, Diggers and Big Boy Toys that he was actually allowed to play with. I however was more interested in the Giant chair!

We played in the play area, on the assault course and even on the digger (Another £1 a go. What happened to the mere 20p arcade plays?) Racing on go karts and in the mini farm. Lincoln couldn’t decide what he wanted to go on first. The park was really flexible when it came to rides. Height wasn’t a massive issue as long as accompanied by an adult, which makes things much easier when you’ve got a Two year old that wants to have a go on everything!

They also had lots of park staff at the ready to supervise the rides. I’ve been to a couple of places and on quiet days your lucky if you get to go on one or two activities as the staff just aren’t about. Even for a quiet sunday everything was still open!

When walking through the park their were lots of different animals dotted throughout. This gave the kids something to see as you walk from one activity to another. It was really well laid out. Even if we did get lost and end up racing to find the Tractor Ride. The timings were also really well planned allowing you enough time to do the different experiences on offer. We did the train ride. Twice. Although a very basic circle train ride all the kids absolutely loved it. Lincoln was a struggle to get off of the train!

The Tractor ride was also really good, taking you out around the working farm informing you about how the farm and their cows are taken care of. Tom however spent the entire time complaining we were being towed by a John Deere tractor not a New Holland. Some people are never pleased.

We packed our own picnic as we find that most family attraction’s seem to be absolute rip offs when it comes to the restaurant! We were also able to go back to the car so that meant not having to carry around a massive bag with us. Especially as this was our first trial of a pushchair free day out. Meaning we didn’t have our trusty bag carrier on hand. Although after realising we had forgotten to pack ourselves a drink we did pop in to the restaurant and see they were serving a carvery which smelt and looked Amazing. It wasn’t over priced either! In fact it was possibly one of the cheapest carvery’s we’ve seen in some time! Tom was utterly gutted that we had packed food rather than having a traditional sunday lunch.

After the picnic and after doing all of the outside attractions we then spent the afternoon indoors in the soft play area. My idea of hell! At this point Lincoln was really flagging. He hadn’t slept on the way up, well he shut his eyes for a mere 8 minutes just before we pulled up to the park and as soon as the engine was shut off, that was it. So luckily for us the soft play area wasn’t endured for too long! Although it was really good and meant hours of fun for both the little and big kids, we were lucky enough not to have to suffer the screaming children, the snotty cries of someone else’s child that got pushed off the spinning circles or the older kids running around shoving the little ones sending them in to oblivion!

We made a quick exit after Lincoln just wanting to sit on the ride on safari car. (ANOTHER £1) and headed out towards the farm/gift shop. Now anybody that knows me, knows my love of farm shops. I am obsessed. We’ve travelled stupid distances just to investigate a farm shop I have heard of or seen on the temptress that is Instagram. It’s probably a really unhealthy addiction but, It’s not alcohol or some form of drug so I like to think its a positive one. Not only that I end up funding the community that it has been grown or reared in and that really is a great thing!

After being talked in to buying a JCB toy (I felt awful saying No after refusing to pay for the ride alongs) We were back on the motorway. Lincoln fast asleep after having so much fun he was well and truly worn out!

We all had so much fun and cannot recommend it enough, especially if your terror’s just like ours love animals and running wild this place is perfect for you all. Even us adults had fun!

 Tactical Tuesday at Joanna Victoria

8 thoughts on “Puxton Adventure Park

  1. I too have a tractor-loving monkey and this looks as if it would be right up his street! And I agree – why is everything £1? I reckon they would make far more money charging 20p a ride as so many more parents would be prepared to pay! Thanks for sharing and linking up with #TacticalTuesdays xxx

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  2. What a fantastic day out. My little ones would love this place. We are looking to go to that area on holiday so must check them out #tacticaltuesdays

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    1. It is great fun! You pay to get in and then they have dotted around the place like you seen in arcades the merry go round horses and a little digger etc, these were £1 a go but for the usual rides and activities like the train ride etc they were all included


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