No more naps Mummy


Oh the glory that once was a nap. The 1-2 hour naps that use to happen sometimes up to 3 times a day are nothing but a mere memory. The bags under my eyes, the stress spots appearing on my face they are all a thing of the present.

So many people use to say to me, sleep when the baby sleeps, make the most of him napping in the day. I never considered that these naps that I would take for granted as I snuggled up on the sofa for an hour or two of uninterrupted Greys Anatomy watching would come to an end. I never thought my happy, cheeky somewhat pleasant 2 year old would be replaced by an asshole that feels the need to scream at me because he is so tired but does he nap? Does he f*ck.


I totally get his drama that he is tired. Mummy is tired too!
But when he is waking at 6am to then be irritable and grumpy by 8am because the 10 hour sleep he had the night before just isn’t enough for this little ball of energy. And then refuse to nap all day now that is getting real old, real quick. We’ve trialled the putting him back to bed in the morning. It doesn’t work. We’ve tried later bed times. It doesn’t work. We’ve tried earlier bed times. It doesn’t work. Short of spending my life in the car in the hope that he may nod off at some point I have pretty much given up all hope of nap times making a come back!

Now the frustrating thing in all of this. At nursery he naps. After lunch all of the younger children go in to the bedroom and get a good hours shut eye. He is the happiest kid in the world when I get him from nursery. But when he is at home, I have no hope. Now that he can open doors and stair gates, I’m pretty screwed. No amount of a shouty mummy or the constant trips back and forth of putting him to bed work. Infact it tires me out even more. He still doesn’t sleep so what is the point?

So heaven forbid we spend the day without a car journey long enough for him to fall asleep through, I end up with the child from hell. The child that clings to my leg shouting at me or just repeating the word mummy. The child that ends up crying because the wrong episode of paw patrol is on the tele or that his sock is covering too much of a certain toe. The same child that just wants to be carried whilst I attempt to keep any form of tidy house going and at 30lbs that is not easily done. Short of a heavy sedative… for myself? I am stuck on what to do!

Don’t get me wrong when it comes to actual bed time (whether he has napped or not) He is good as gold, occasionally we may have a few tears but he gets in to bed usually has a story says the usual Goodnight, I love you and thats it, he’s out. So I really shouldn’t complain but I will because I was an idiot.


I took for granted those naps!

I should have napped as much as I physically could! Not watched the entire 13 seasons of Greys Anatomy… Twice. What was I thinking.


Mission Mindfulness

11 thoughts on “No more naps Mummy

  1. Ahhh it will get easier I promise! It could just be a stage. Be consistent and pop him into bed after lunch as they do at nursery. Even if you have to sit with him and share stories then at least he is getting a rest. Make it a positive time and he may relax and snuggle down. My daughter dropped her nap at 3 but my son was 2 and I feel your pain! Good luck. #thesatsesh


  2. I read this knowing this will be me soon. We’re already down to one nap and I know I should be grateful that she sleeps at all but I wish it was as long as she sleeps for daddy or nursery! ps binge-watching Greys Anatomy was the highlight of my maternity leave! #thesatsesh

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    1. Us mums always seem to get the raw end of the deal when it comes to naptimes!
      Greys anatomy Is my go to show! I’m hideously excited for the next season. I’m almost tempted to re-watch the entire series.. for the third time x


  3. Haha!! Oh I feel your pain. And also your love of Grey’s (still need to finish season 13 though…no spoilers!) When my daughter starts getting tangry, I just say let’s have a chill out on the sofa and watch the telly. If I sit with her for 5 mins she usually calms down enough to either fall asleep or let me leave and get on with things. Good luck mama, stay strong!!! #thesatsesh


    1. Although the evenings are never quite long enough but it’s better than nothing!
      It’s definitely worth a try! A lot of people I know love it, even my other half gets sucked in to it x


  4. #thesatsesh Absolutely! I could of wrote this myself, how stupid was I to watch seasons one to dos knows what of Made in Chelsea! yes, utter rubbish that I can’t get back….oh sleep, how foolish I was. Fab and honest post lovely

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