Netflix, What are we watching?

Our ‘monthly’ Netflix update.

The September Update.

This month we’ve been a little slack on the netflix I must admit. I find life just keeps getting in the way of some quality snuggles in front of the sofa. This has been possibly one of our busiest months this year. Autumn/Winter always seems to be our most sociable time of year. With Birthdays, holidays, Christmas and Parties we dont seem to catch a break but fingers crossed I can get even a day or two snuggled up with my Terror watching some ‘Flix’

What Series are we watching?

once upon a time
After a slight hiatus I am back in to watching Once Upon A Time. When we moved back in February I was just about to start Season 6. So I am pretty much an entire season behind only catching up to Episode 9! however its drawn me back in! After Season 5 I thought things were getting a little too much, with Jekyll and Hyde, the ‘other’ evil queen and so many other characters I felt a little bombarded. Now I am back in to thought I am absolutely loving the story line. Although I find the evil queen a bit repetitive. With capturing and escaping, its all very cat and mouse but I’m so intrigued to see what happens between Belle and Mr Gold, He seems so quiet and in the back ground at the moment I’m waiting for the explosion!

doctor FosterMy absolute favorite at the moment has to be Doctor foster. I had heard so much about it from different people on twitter and facebook that it was totally worth a watch. I am hooked! I’ve already finished Season 1 and I am up to date with what is being shown straight after bake off on a Tuesday night! It is one of those shows that pulls you in so that you have to know whats going on. Even Tom go sucked in to questioning me all about it as he needed to know what happened from the 5 minute little clip he caught.


downloadOur new favourite easy watch has to The BBQ Pitmasters. As big Man V Food Fans we have finally found another big food tv show that’s got the element of competition in. We started watching this randomly one night and now we’ve managed to get my dad hooked on it too. Although the judges are slightly annoying the cooking is so interesting to watch and If you love food like we do you will love this! It has even inspired me to steal the SIL slow cooker and try out some pulled pork recipes!


I am an absolute film fanatic and love watching all different genres, Tom is not. He watches ‘man’ films or kids films and that’s it. He literally cannot space beyond those genres so we always battle over what film were going to watch. But as i’m happy with anything we usually end up with one of his choices.

This month we watched (AGAIN) Fast and Furious 7. We are big fans of the franchise and totally love a good car film so this was really nice to see on the list of films. the fast and furious cars pretty much talk for themselves. Although the story lines have become extremely far fetched they are still enjoyable! As a tribute to Paul Walker this film ended amazingly!

For our Kids film of the month we sat and watched Monster Vs Aliens. I’d never seen it before and neither had Tom but we ended up sitting and watching it all as Lincolns had ended up playing with his toys. Its a great film I think it was a little too heavy for Lincoln but he liked B.O.B all the same.

Until Next Month


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4 thoughts on “Netflix, What are we watching?

  1. #thesatsesh confession – Ive never watched netflix, i know. I’m thinking of putting this right in the new year, however we don’t watch TV? Dr F seems to be big news in the staffroom though, so enjoy x thanks for joining the linky lovely


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