Lush, sleep 💤 lotion 

After a shopping trip with my mum we ended up going in to lush. The obligatory bath bomb purchase was made, however I also spotted a lotion that I had seen being raved about!
After speaking to the lovely lady who was unaware that this lotion is loved by so many mums online because of the extra sleep it’s provided them, all thanks to this lotion. I however was not convinced, this sounded like another gimmick, surely if it was that great it would be a phenomenon across the globe? But we were offered a test pot to suppress my skepticism.

We used it that night, bath time was the usual routine, out the bath a bit of powder and sudocrem if needed and then we attempted our first lotion. Lincoln loved having it massaged in and it actually smells incredible. Mum and I have never been a massive fan of lavender but it’s not over powering in fact it’s barely their! The Tonka absolute gives of a beautiful scent and something I had NEVER heard of before!

I was slightly concerned how his skin would react but being an almost totally natural substance I went for it covering his entire body in it. I’ve never done the baby massage or anything along those lines but he really enjoyed having it all rubbed in his back and even tried to help! The dog was keen to lick the pot lid. Luckily we got their in time to stop some messy walks happening!

That night he was overly hyper we’d been shopping all day he was just in that kind of mood. Admittedly this very quickly changed after bath time. I’d like to point out here that no amount of bath time or ‘quiet’ time stops his hyper moods when hes going hes going! We went downstairs and that was it, he sat on the sofa so peaceful and calm. Wanted to snuggle! So I of course obliged. After a quiet half an hour it was bedtime.

Their was no struggle no whinging, we read a book before bed and this time instead of trying to climb out of bed as soon as were done reading he gave me a kiss and said good night and that was it! until 7am! maybe this stuff is sent from the gods?!

Our Second night of using it was not so successful. But it did still help. We did the usual bath and bed but after a struggle to get him to eat any of his dinner in fact it was a struggle to get him to do anything apart from a bath. Bath time is always a winner. We had a snuggle watching toy story and the usual book before bed but tonight he was unusually upset about going to bed. Getting in and out of bed every 2 minutes. I persisted and he eventually fell asleep. I’m not so convinced that this lotion is really from the gods.

After a week of using the sleep lotion after bath time. He’s is especially soft and smells lovely! I’ve even started using a little bit myself. I cant say it knocks me out but it certainly soothes me in to a peaceful sleep. Lincolns sleep has improved, I cant 100% put this down to the lotion, especially now he’s in to his big boy bed with a much comfier mattress! However our bedtime routine has definitely improved and quiet time it’s happening much more frequent. This could be to do with the evening ‘baby’ massage he receives (Lucky sod) or it could be down to the lotion itself but I would recommend giving this a try if any of you are struggling with bedtime or sleeping. I know when Lincoln wasn’t sleeping through the night I was happy try anything for a good nights sleep.

If you are interested in trying the lotion its available online just follow the link.
Lush Sleep Lotion
If like me you were skeptical and didn’t want to pay for an entire pot for it to go to waste. Pop in and ask for a tester pot they are always so willing to help!

All of my reviews are 100% totally honest and are personal to us and our situation. I will be completely honest and open in all of my reviews. This post is not an Ad nor sponsored. This is just something I wanted to share with all those out their that this could be helpful too. 

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  1. I’ve heard about this lotion! My friend literally just bought some today so have requested she report back to me about it and now I have read this I am even more intrigued! Hilarious that the dog tried to eat it!haha! Thank you for linking with the #HoneybeeLinky lovely. Hope to see you for the next one! Xxx

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