Sudocrem care and protect 

We were contacted to trial and review Sudocrem care and protect. As a Mama Sudocrem has always been a household must! My mum use Sudocrem when we were young and I have always sworn by it when it came to Lincoln so we were more than happy to help!


With Lincolns allergies he has always had quite upset nappies which have often led to nappy rash and just being generally sore. We usually carry the little grey tub with us everywhere. I also use it for any breakouts I have.

Their is a little difference in the grey tub as this is an antiseptic healing cream, we use this ourselves on breakouts, cuts, grazes and eczema, we also used it on Lincolns face when he began having reactions to dairy which tried his skin out and made it very sore. The care and protect is slightly different and works primarily on nappy rash. I wont be trying it on my skin anytime soon, its a ointment product rather than a cream and would probably cause my skin to break out even worse!

The good thing with care and protect is rather than just healing the rash it can fight against it happening to start with. We have been trialing the new Sudocrem for over a week now and we love it, we use it on almost every nappy change. Admittedly Lincoln is getting older and lets us know when he needs his nappy doing so we don’t have to be quite as vigilant in the hiding of dirty nappies and his nappy rash getting worse. Although the nappy changes are just as difficult with leg kicking and the inevitable escape mid change!

The cream comes in a really handy tube. That makes things much easier. Its also great to take around with you. I know I always end up with an abundance of stuff in my bag and a pot of Sudocrem is usually one of them. The tube is nice and compact so you can easily fit it in whatever your taking with you. Also being a ointment it goes on much nicer. With the cream I always end up with half of it under my nail or finding whatever is closest to wipe the extras on to. Usually ending in my jeans with a white patch smeared up my leg if nothing is to hand. The ointment is really absorbent in to the skin although Lincoln didn’t like the initial cold of it he quickly got over it.

Sudocrem bum
Throwback to that little baby bum.

As I said before we’ve been using it for over a week now and it has fallen well in to our routine of first thing in the morning and after his bath at night we apply the Sudocrem. A lot of people have asked ‘ooh Can you see the difference?’ and honestly the answer would be No. But that isn’t a bad thing. Just hear me out here. The reason i cant see the difference is because he hasn’t got a nappy rash and quite frankly that is the whole point of the product to keep the rash away as well as heal any rash he did have. His initial bit of redness when we began has gone completely so in that sense it has helped.

I really like this form of Sudocrem. We’ve easily put it in to our routine and it has helped to keep any rash away. We will continue to use it. I will more than likely continue using our usual Sudocrem as well as this one until Lincoln’s out of nappies which hopefully shouldn’t be too far away!



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